Faculty Positions

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Founded in 1966, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a summer community of the fine arts serving more than 5,400 elementary, junior high, and high school students each season through its varied programs. Blue Lake annually employs over 700 faculty and staff, who work together to provide a diverse and enriching learning experience for campers. Although Blue Lake is a fine arts training center, it strives to maintain a "camp" atmosphere in as many ways as possible through the environment, facilities, and camper activities.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is situated on Little Blue Lake in West Michigan's Manistee National Forest. The campus consists of 275 rustic cabins, structures, and shelters spread throughout 1,600 acres of wilderness. Located 12 miles north of Muskegon and an hour northwest of Grand Rapids, Blue Lake is within minutes of Lake Michigan beaches and parks. Sailing, fishing, hiking, biking, golfing, canoeing, and swimming are all trademark summer activities of our area.

Camp Philosophy
Blue Lake's primary goal is to motivate campers with two weeks of intensive instruction, sending them home with an incentive to pursue their art with new enthusiasm. A well balanced set of values -- maturity, citizenship, and appreciation of formal study -- is encouraged by all faculty and staff. Members of the Blue Lake faculty strive to make the campers' stay meaningful by teaching them how to become good artists and citizens. Enthusiasm is contagious at Blue Lake as campers discover, learn, experience, progress, and succeed. Because our teachers have the potential to serve as positive and motivational influences for our students during their short stay at camp, faculty are encouraged to maintain a visible presence throughout non-instructional activities. Faculty routinely attend evening performances and events.

A Typical Day
Blue Lake faculty members spend approximately 4-5 hours per day teaching students in a variety of settings. Those involved in performing ensembles rehearse an average of two or three hours daily, depending on schedules and performance commitments. Non-music disciplines also have regular time for personal development. Evening commitments consist of recitals, concerts, master classes, workshops, and/or free time.

Faculty Ensembles & Performances
An integral part of the Blue Lake philosophy is that faculty members not only teach, but are expected to demonstrate mastery of their craft through performance. Faculty master classes, workshops, exhibits, and demonstrations play a significant role in the campers' educational experience. Instrumental faculty may also perform regularly in chamber recitals, Festival Band, Festival Orchestra, or Faculty Jazz Ensembles as a part of Blue Lake's Summer Arts Festival.

Summer Arts Festival
Blue Lake offers over 175 performances each summer to camper and public audiences. Performances regularly feature our faculty and consist of Blue Lake’s Festival Orchestra, Festival Band, jazz ensembles, opera, ballet, faculty showcases, the Blodgett Recital Series, and a variety of other special events.

Opportunities for College Musicians
Blue Lake offers more than 200 summer jobs to college students, who have the opportunity to audition for positions in Festival Band or Orchestra, Staff Band, numerous chamber ensembles, and the staff solo competition. More advanced students (who have completed undergraduate studies in music) are eligible to apply for teaching sectionals/technique classes at our junior camp - Camp Bernstein. Those wishing to do so may also study privately with faculty members. See “non-faculty” information included in this packet.

Blue Lake's Faculty Village, the central housing area for faculty in residence, consists of 62 rustic cabins, a central dining facility, picnic area, laundry facilities, vending machines, a recreation area, and an outdoor pool. Each cabin has nearby access to a camp fire ring and picnic area.

Faculty are required to hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and have extensive teaching experience with junior high and/or high school students. Masters and Doctorate level degrees are preferred. All applicants are expected to demonstrate mastery of their craft as performance and/or demonstration is a significant aspect of teaching at Blue Lake. For all instrumental positions, a recorded audition is required. (See enclosed for audition requirements). For other faculty positions, samples of work must be submitted to the Department Chair.

Salary for faculty is based on degree(s) held and previous experience. The starting rate ranges from $546 (Bachelor’s) to $655 (Doctorate) per two-week session plus room and board. Travel to camp is not reimbursed, but those who commute to campus daily are reimbursed mileage. International applicants must be able to obtain a work authorization prior to employment.

Most faculty positions are two or four weeks in length and are divided between the Intermediate and High School sessions. The dates listed include faculty arrival/orientation day:

Session I high school June 26 - July 8
Session II high school July 10 - July 22
Session II intermediate July 24 - August 5
Session IV intermediate August 7 - August 19

Employee Health History
All employees of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp are required to have a health history form on file with Health Services before arriving on camp. All information is required by the state of Michigan and is kept confidential.

Employee Background Checks
All employees of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp are required to complete two background checks during the employment process: a criminal records clearance (through their home state), and a central registry clearance (through home state). Any fees associated with clearances are the responsibility of the applicant. More information will be presented during the interview.

Faculty Positions
All Blue Lake faculty members serve as instructors, motivators, performers, and positive role models for campers in the instructional program – both Majors and Minors. Faculty members also serve as a resource for counseling staff members pursuing careers in the arts and education through occasional consulting, coaching, and private instruction. Faculty members are expected to maintain a regular presence at evening events and camper performances throughout each camp session. Faculty members also assist with minor class instruction, opening day placements, and written evaluations for parents.

Art: Assist with organization and implementation of the instructional program for art majors and minor students. Serve as resource for all visual art related activities in the camp and provide group instruction and guidance in a classroom setting. Art Faculty also assist with exhibit preparation and show presentation.

Piano: Serve as instructor and performer in the camp instructional program. Piano faculty instruct classes in theory, keyboard ensemble, minor classes, and private lessons. Piano faculty also perform in master classes and recitals, and may lecture on a variety of topics.

Harp: Assist with organization and implementation of the instructional program for harp majors and minor students. Harp faculty instruct classes in theory, harp history, ensemble performance, and private lessons. Harpists may also perform in faculty recitals and Festival Orchestra and Band as requested.

Theater / Musical Theater: Assist with organization and implementation of the instructional program for theater majors and minor students. Theater faculty instruct technique classes in voice, movement, script analysis, stage combat, musical theatre dance, and basic Stanislavskian acting while directing or devising short, equal opportunity performances for either contemporary acting, Shakespeare, or musical theatre final camper presentations.

Dance: Assist with the organization and implementation of the instructional program for dance majors and minor students. Dance instructors teach daily ballet classes, pointe, stretching, partnering, men's classes, jazz, and contemporary dance. Dance faculty also assist with rehearsals for final performance or demonstration.

Voice: Teach voice students in sectionals, technique, theory, and ear training classes. Assist with choir rehearsals, minor classes, and chamber music. Select voice faculty members may also perform in faculty recitals and in other venues as requested.

Ensemble Conductors: Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Choir. Conduct student ensembles in two full rehearsals each day;
work with sectional teachers to set goals and meet needs of the ensemble. Conductors routinely attend sectional classes and guide rehearsal assistants in logistical demands of the group. All camp ensembles prepare two short performances each session, totaling approximately forty minutes of programming.

Jazz: Assist with organization and implementation of the instructional program for jazz majors and minor students. Jazz faculty instruct sectional and technique classes, improvisation, jazz history, and assist conductors in rehearsals as requested. Jazz faculty also regularly perform in jazz ensembles as a part of Blue Lake’s Summer Arts Festival.

Winds, Strings, and Percussion: Teach small group technique classes and larger sectional classes to junior high or high school students majoring in Blue Lake's instrumental music programs. Perform in the Festival Orchestra and Band, Park Band, chamber ensembles, faculty recitals, and master classes as requested. Act as resource for conductors of student ensembles.

Conduct Policies

In an effort to provide our campers with a safe, pleasant, professional, and nurturing environment, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp has developed extensive regulations regarding proper and professional conduct. Counseling Staff and Faculty members are considered potential role models and mentors for our campers, and are therefore expected to support and follow these Blue Lake standards policies. All applicants must sign a Code of Conduct upon receipt of their contract, and failure to comply with conduct policies is grounds for dismissal.

Uniform and Appearance Standards

Employees at Blue Lake are expected to demonstrate professionalism and good judgment at all times related to personal appearance. No matter where you work or what your title is, anytime you are in a public area at camp, you are “in the classroom” and around our campers. Your attitude, performance, and appearance are direct reflections on the quality of our program. Please review the following Uniform and Appearance Standards before submitting your application.

  • Staff and Faculty members are required to wear the Blue Lake uniform at all times except when within the housing area. (The official uniform shirt and fleece are available at a discounted price. The remainder of the uniform is supplied by the employee). Staff and Faculty members are also expected to maintain a professional, neat, and clean personal appearance. Extreme piercings, hair styles, or hair colorings that are considered distracting, or contrary to serving as a role model for youth, are not permitted. Additionally, all tattoos must be discreetly and completely covered at all times.

  • Intentional body alteration or modification for the purpose of achieving a visible, physical effect that disfigures, deforms or similarly detracts from a professional image is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: tattoos, brands, body piercing (other than traditional ear piercing), tongue piercing or splitting, tooth filing, earlobe expansion and disfiguring skin implants. Jewelry, spacers, retainers, or plugs are not permitted in body piercings while working.

If you are ever in doubt about the appropriateness of your appearance, please keep in mind that anything that could be considered distracting or not in the best interest of serving as a role model will not be permitted.

Faculty Performance Opportunities

All musical faculty candidates must submit a recorded audition in order to be considered for a teaching position. (Conductor applicants need not submit an audition). Following is a list of performing opportunities available to faculty.  Placement is based on audition and positions available.

Festival Band or Orchestra - comprised of professional musicians, music educators, and select college age staff, these ensembles perform regularly throughout the Summer Arts Festival and rehearse on a daily basis throughout the session.

Blue Lake Jazz Ensembles - comprised primarily of professional jazz musicians and educators, these ensembles perform several times during Blue Lake's Summer Arts Festival and rehearse daily throughout the session.

Faculty Chamber Ensembles (vocal ensemble, brass quintet, string quartet, woodwind quintet, jazz combos, etc.) - comprised of faculty, these groups rehearse during free time throughout the summer and perform in faculty recitals and master classes.  Ensembles may also have opportunities to perform for junior campers, throughout Blue Lake's Summer Arts Festival, and during chapel services.

Recorded Audition Preparations

Recorded auditions should accompany the completed Faculty Application.  Please remember that applicants cannot be considered for specific positions until file is complete, including application, current résumé, and recorded audition.  Audition recordings may be submitted electronically or through the mail via audio CD.  For details on audition requirements and audition recordings submissions, visit www.bluelake.org/auditions.

  1. Complete the Faculty Application and return it to:
    Program Office
    Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
    300 E. Crystal Lake Rd.
    Twin Lake, MI 49457
  2. Include with your application your most recent résumé.

  3. Include with your application an audition recording, if applicable.

  4. Applicants with completed files may be contacted by the Program Office for an initial telephone interview should an opening be available.