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Vice President, Operations / Interim President
Heidi Stansell
ext. 238
Vice President, Program & International Exchange
Don Flickinger
Vice President, Finance & Development
Andrew Lofgren
ext. 224
Business Manager
Rebecca Scouten
ext. 251
Network Systems Administrator
Nick Brough
ext. 307
Director of Student Services
Jessica Bryant
ext. 214
Director of Health Services
Joshua Farmer
ext. 211
Director of Arts Programs
Richard Erne
Director of International Tours
Caitlin Cowan
ext. 201
Music Librarian & Archivist
Belinda Sterling
ext. 204
Executive Assistant, Summer Camp
Brianna Tyler
ext. 206
Executive Assistant, International Exchange Program
Monique Stansell
ext. 203
Lead Business Office Assistant
Ariel Anderson
ext. 250
Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
James Artman
ext. 222
Admissions, Registration, and Scholarships
Summer Camp Admissions
Kim Bentley
ext. 209
Summer Camp Scholarships
Terri Thomas
ext. 202
International Exchange Program
Caitlin Cowan
ext. 201
Suzuki Family Camp
Anne Kearney-Looman
(517) 930-5401
Summer Camp for Adults
Kim Bentley
ext. 209
Chamber Music For Fun
Mike Stanley
(313) 719-6336
Personnel Department
ext. 318
News, Alumni, and Giving
Development Office
Blue Lake Public Radio
Director of Broadcasting
Klay Woodworth
ext. 111
Operations Manager
Steve Albert
ext. 102
Office Manager
Jodi Veine
ext. 100