Blue Lake’s Choir Program is designed to challenge students of all proficiency levels. Our highly regarded faculty provide a wide range of instructional and performance opportunities. Students explore repertoire from a variety of musical styles and historical periods and practice fundamental skills in sight singing, breath management, tone production, stage presence, diction, solo and ensemble singing, and basic musicianship. Choir majors receive five hours of intensive daily rehearsals, sectionals, and vocal technique classes.

Students can complete their instructional experience by choosing a Minor, allowing them to experience another area of interest while at camp. Students also have the opportunity to attend Summer Arts Festival performances, as well as participate in recreation, camp activities, and attend arts-focused educational events in the evening.

Vocalists will be grouped by ability in either the SATB Choir or one of two SSA(A) Choirs based upon a placement video submitted prior to arrival. Advanced students will also be placed in the Chamber Choir. Our vocal faculty will evaluate and place students based upon performance, tone quality, and vocal independence.

SATB Choir
A mixed choir of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices: Challenging repertoire, equivalent to the Intermediate level, will be studied and performed.

SSA(A) Choir
A choir of soprano and alto voices determined by placement scores: The repertoire studied and performed will be equivalent to the Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Chamber Choir
An advanced small ensemble of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices with the highest placement scores. Members of the chamber choir will also sing in the SATB Choir. Repertoire selected will challenge even the most experienced singer.

Blue Lake International
During the summer season, each choral student will have the opportunity to apply for the International Choir, which will tour Europe during the following summer as part of Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program.

Choir Conductors 2023

To be announced in October, 2022