International Program Goals

As an extension of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s summer camp program, the Blue Lake International Program continues the organization’s philosophy of encouraging creativity and motivating young people to achieve in the arts.  The Blue Lake International Exchange Program couples this philosophy with the mission of creating international understanding through the arts.  Like the contagious feeling of enthusiasm at summer camp, international students soon become anxious to meet their host families, and begin sharing this truly unique experience of international ambassadorship.  

Program History
Founded by Gretchen Stansell in 1969, Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through the universal language of the arts.  Since its inception, nearly 25,000 young European, Asian, and American artists have exchanged performances and experienced the love, wonder and excitement of a foreign land.  More than 100,000 families in Europe and America have provided generous hospitality for the participants.  Countless concertgoers on both continents have also been touched by these goodwill ambassadors.

What Does Exchange Mean?
The Blue Lake International Exchange Program annually visits approximately 42 communities in ten countries across Western Europe.  In return for their generous hospitality, Blue Lake offers one full scholarship to every hosting Community. Although not mandatory, Blue Lake Families have the opportunity to host European students from the previous year’s tour locations who are awarded the scholarship to attend Blue Lake.  In addition, European music or dance organizations which have hosted Blue Lake are invited to tour Michigan and the Mid-West with a host family tour itinerary arranged through the Blue Lake Office.

For more information on how you can participate in Blue Lake’s cultural exchange, please contact:

Blue Lake International Exchange Program
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
300 East Crystal Lake Rd.
Twin Lake, MI 49457
800-221-3796 or 231-894-1966

Photo courtesy of Andrea Foerster, winner of the 2016 International Program Photo Contest. Andrea was a member of the 2016 International Youth Symphony Orchestra.