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December 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

We believe that we are in the home stretch, that we are emerging from an extraordinarily difficult period in the life of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. We believe this because day-to-day we are seeing steady progress.

  • Example #1: After we had to cancel summer camp last year, it was exciting this past summer to welcome 2,431 campers to Blue Lake. That is a little less than half of what we would see in a normal year, but given the circumstances, that was a very good number. Most importantly, the summer program, by any measure, was a success. Response from the campers, parents, faculty, and staff has been very positive.
  • Example #2: As you may remember, Blue Lake was forced to cancel its International Exchange Program in both 2020 and 2021—a great disappointment for hundreds of young people as well as our many European host families. In 2022, we are ready to reenergize the program with young musicians again traveling to Europe to perform. Our students are enthusiastic, and our friends in Europe tell us that they are very excited and stand ready to welcome them back.

  • Example #3: Blue Lake’s public radio station has remained on the air without interruption during this entire COVID period, which is no small achievement.

All of the progress that we are seeing is the result of a lot of hard work and creative problem solving on the part of our team and the incredible outpouring of support from our many friends. Your contributions have made a real difference. Without your participation, the outcome would certainly have been much different and not for the better.

Even with all of this progress, Blue Lake is not quite ready to call it a day. There is still work to be done. Ramping back up to full camper participation next summer will require additional resources as will restarting the International Exchange Program, and we must tackle the many infrastructure projects and program improvements that would have normally taken place at Blue Lake if not for the pandemic.

It’s time to move forward. With your help, we are ready. We trust you will continue to support the work that Blue Lake is doing in the lives of these many, talented, young people and in the ongoing outreach through our public radio station.

Please take a moment now to give to Blue Lake by clicking here. Every gift is appreciated and helpful.

Remember, if you would like, you may sponsor a seat at the historic William Stewart Memorial Music Shell for a gift of $350. Information about seat sponsorship is on the back of the donation card and at

On behalf of everyone here at Blue Lake, thank you for your continued support, for your friendship, and for your generosity during this difficult time.


Dave Myers
Vice President, Broadcasting and Development

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