March 19, 2019

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you about a friend we lost a few months ago.  Her name was Anne Zeller.  She was a passionate, devoted listener to Blue Lake Public Radio.  She listened every day in her small apartment in Grand Rapids.  She would listen to the radio as she painted in her studio (which was really just a corner in her kitchen).  I don’t believe she ever married, and she never had children.  About 30 years ago, she retired from Steelcase, where she worked in the advertising department.  Anne was the most energetic, positive, and happy person I have ever known.  For years, she would send little, hand-written notes to us at the radio station, commenting on something she had heard.  Always positive, uplifting comments.  We miss her greatly.  She was 98. 

Anne was one of the many people who listen to Blue Lake Radio every day.  She loved music.  Most of our listeners tune in for the music.

Sometimes, I worry that in today’s culture, the type of music we present is fading into the background; that serious music is being lost in the din of everyday life.  Over the last several years, too many classical radio stations around the country have switched to other formats in order to remain on the air.  I can assure you, we are not about to do that.  Here at Blue Lake, music is in our DNA.  Our parent organization, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, has been providing music education to young people for more than 50 years, and Blue Lake Public Radio has been on the air for nearly 37. 

When we get notes in the mail, like those from Anne, or phone calls, or when we meet people on the street… and receive from them confirmation that Blue Lake Radio is doing good work and is meaningful to them… we are reminded of the importance of keeping classical music and jazz on the air.

Blue Lake Public Radio’s mission is worthy of our support.  With listener support, the challenges we encounter become more manageable.  Please take a moment today to make your commitment to Blue Lake.  Use the enclosed pledge card or go online at  Your gift in any amount will be a great help.

You are our friends.  You are the key to making all of this work.  With you, the future of Blue Lake Radio is bright and good, and the music continues. 

On behalf of everyone here… Thank you.


Dave Myers Signature

Dave Myers
Vice President, Broadcasting and Development

Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra


It’s All Tchaikovsky on this week’s broadcast! Marcelo Lehninger conducts, and cellist Andrei Ionita (Gold medalist at the International Tchaikovsky Competition) will be heard in the Rococo variations and Andante Cantabile. The GRS Chorus (Pearl Shangkuan, director) is heard in At Bedtime, and the Symphony No.4 closes the program. Sunday at 1:00pm, underwritten by Meijer.

Adventure Music


Sunday, April 28th at 3 p.m. please join the Adventure Music team for our finale concert of the 2018-19 season as we welcome Detroit born baritone saxophonist and bass clarinetist Alex Harding and his Organ Nation to LaFontsee Galleries, 833 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids. With Jim Alfredson on B-3 organ and Djallo Djakate on drums, Alex Harding and Organ Nation is the first organ concert presented in The Underground Concert Series.

According to Sunnyside Records, “Harding got to into music early as a child in Detroit. His ever supportive parents allowed him a drum kit, drumming becoming a passion that he pursued until he heard saxophone great Grover Washington, Jr., which led him to switch to tenor sax. In a twist of fate, Northwestern High School band director Ernest Rogers assigned Harding to the baritone sax chair when James Carter joined the band. It took a little time for Harding to grow attached to the horn and he continued his study with Motown baritone saxophone player, Beans Bows.

“Having moved to New York City in 1993, Harding became a regular on the local jazz scene, including stints in ensembles with this heroes Hamiet Bluiett and Julius Hemphill.”

In the 2018 Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll, Alexander Harding was given the “Rising Star” award in the Baritone Saxophone category. For more on Alex Harding, please see .

Our previously scheduled guest, J.D. Allen, is not be available for this concert.

For tickets to the Underground Concert Series presented by Adventure Music at LaFontsee Galleries, 833 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, see For directions to the venue (616) 451 – 9820. LaFontsee Galleries are wheelchair accessible.