Blue Lake Public Radio

The Voice of the Arts in West Michigan

September 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

One thing those of us who are associated with Blue Lake Public Radio have always known is that it is one of a kind. In all the world, you will not likely find another radio station quite like it. If you have been listening for a while you know that statement is true. Bonnie and Foley’s selection of classical music, Lazaro’s jazz, Steve’s folk music; where else can you find that sort of warm and respectful approach to the music and that level of knowledge and expertise? And the music itself: entire concertos and symphonies, choral works, sonatas, and string quartets presented without interruption or editing. Combine that with the very best performers and performances and the best recordings, as well as local musicians and ensembles, and that is the essence of Blue Lake Radio. Most importantly, through all these years, Blue Lake has remained true to its musical roots and its mission.

Even though the pandemic has presented significant financial challenges for the organization, we believe Blue Lake Public Radio’s future remains bright. As long as there are people listening and enjoying the programming, as long as there is great music to present and great performers who present it, Blue Lake Public Radio will be fine.

There is one other requirement for a bright future, and that is continued support from our listeners. Your support remains essential. I’m not just saying that. Blue Lake would not have come this far without the support and encouragement of our listeners. Blue Lake is counting on each of us to do our part. Kathy and I will be filling out our pledge card in the coming days. If you received one in the mail, we encourage you to do the same. Or become a sustaining member, with monthly payments on your credit card. If you prefer, you may pledge online here or call us at 800-889-9258.

Blue Lake Public Radio is a good thing. In this world right now, we need good things.


Dave Myers
Vice President, Broadcasting and Development

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