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To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself,
incredible and inconceivable.

     Aaron Copland

Time changes the way we live our lives… not always in convenient or satisfactory ways.  Recently, I was asked whether radio as we know it will survive in the wake of the internet, Facebook and Twitter, smart phones, and heaven knows what will emerge in the next few years.  Radio has always been one of those things in our daily lives that is easy to use.  And radio has shown us over the years that it is resilient and has staying power.  We’ll take that for now.

Another question that comes up is, “Will Classical Music and Jazz still be relevant in the coming years?”  The music we present has survived for centuries, orchestras and ensembles are still performing it, Jazz musicians are still making music, and Blue Lake Public Radio continues to succeed.

Blue Lake’s success is predicated on our fundamental belief in the power and importance of music.  We believe that music has intrinsic value, contributes to our quality of life, and breathes energy into our culture.  Music encourages young talent to excel.  It inspires creativity and promotes productivity.  Music is in Blue Lake’s DNA.

Other radio stations have abandoned their music formats, but we remain focused on bringing you the highest quality Classical Music and Jazz every day.   With your help, we will continue to do so.

Please take a moment now to contribute to the future of Blue Lake Public Radio.  It’s easy, just click here.

From everyone here at Blue Lake, thank you for your generous support.

Dave Myers

Grand Rapids Symphony Sousa Conductor  Grand Rapids Sympony Conductor

Your Chance to Conduct the Grand Rapids Symphony!

During our Spring, 2018 Membership Drive, Blue Lake Public Radio is offering a fun, and unique, auction opportunity tied to the Grand Rapids Symphony’s annual concert at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp on Saturday, July 14th.

The high bidder will accept the baton from Grand Rapids Symphony Music Director, Marcelo Lehninger, to personally conduct the orchestra’s performance of John Philip Sousa’s rousing Washington Post March! The package also includes four tickets to the concert, plus a photo opportunity with Maestro Lehninger.

$395 is the minimum bid with $20 increase bids to follow. The auction ends at 5:00 pm this Friday, March 23rd.

High bidder payment must be received via credit card, or check, by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 27th.

Place your bid now by calling 800-889-9258 for the opportunity to lead the Grand Rapids Symphony in Sousa’s Washington Post March on July 14th at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp – and thank you for supporting Blue Lake Public Radio, West Michigan’s “Voice of the Arts!”

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