Blue Lake’s Piano Program is designed to guide each student at camp to musical achievement with an enriching learning environment. Every student will receive private instruction every day during the session. Students will also be scheduled for two hours of supervised practice daily. Students receive daily instruction in keyboard ensemble and music theory, and meet for seminars on a variety of topics that may include piano history, literature, practice and performance skills, and faculty performances.

Students can complete their instructional day by choosing a Minor, allowing them to experience another area of interest while at camp. Students also have the opportunity to attend Summer Arts Festival performances, as well as participate in recreation, camp activities, and attend arts-focused educational events in the evening.

Many students are given performance opportunities throughout the session in piano seminars, master classes, and studio recitals. The final presentation will include all students in brief solo and keyboard ensemble performances. Although students should bring repertoire on which they are currently working, teachers will assign new material to be learned, memorized, and performed while at camp.

Piano Camp Student Proficiencies

Required Proficiency Levels
Piano students must have completed the following repertoire, or music of similar difficulty, prior to attending camp:

High School – Sessions 1 and 2
Bach, Inventions or French Suites
Mendelssohn, Songs Without Words
Bartok, Mikrokosmos Vol. No. 4
Classical Sonata Movements

Intermediate – Sessions 3 and 4
Bach, Selections from the Anna Magdalena Notebook
Bartok, Music for Children
Schumann, Album for the Young
Clementi, Sonatina