Short Term Teacher Training Courses

Piano Book 1 June 13 – 21 Marilyn Andersen, Illinois
Violin Book 1 June 13 – 21 Wendy Azrak, North Carolina
Violin Book 2 June 13 – 17 Pat D'Ercole, Wisconsin
Violin Book 3 June 17 – 21 Pat D'Ercole, Wisconsin
Cello Book 2 June 13 – 17 Andrea Yun, Michigan
Cello Book 5 June 17 - 21 Andrea Yun, Michigan

Applicants must take ECC, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 in order. Applicants must  be current members of SAA. Following Book 3, classes do not have to be taken in order.

To qualify as a participant in Book 1 teacher training, applicants must, in addition to completing the ECC course, submit a video audition of specified repertoire to the SAA prior to June 3rd.

Complete information regarding the audition is available at the SAA Website:

Workshop participants should prepare the repertoire to be studied at a performance level. Memorization is not required but recommended.  Participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki’s book, Nurtured by Love.

Book 1 classes begin at 3:00 pm on the first day, all other classes begin at 6:30 pm. Classes end by 3pm on the last day. 100% attendance is required for registering the course with SAA. 

A John Kendall Scholarship is available for one Violin Teacher Trainee from Michigan.  For requirements and application, please visit