Teacher Training Courses

Cello Book 1

(June 11 – 19; two sessions)

Sally Gross, Illinois

Violin Book 1

(June 11 – 19; two sessions)

Vera McCoy-Sulentic, Illinois

Applicants must take ECC, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3 in order. Applicants must be current members of SAA. Following Book 3, classes do not have to be taken in order. To qualify as a participant in Book 1 teacher training, applicants must, in addition to completing the ECC course, submit a video audition of specified repertoire to the SAA prior to June 3rd. Complete information regarding the audition is available at the SAA Website.

Workshop participants should prepare the repertoire to be studied at a performance level. Memorization is required for all Book 1 classes. Participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki’s book, Nurtured by Love.

Check-in 2:00pm on June 11. Book 1 violin and cello classes begin at 3:00 pm, Piano Book 1 Revisited begins at 6:30 pm. Classes end by 3pm on the last day. 100% attendance is required for registering the course with SAA.

A John Kendall Scholarship is available for one Violin Teacher Trainee from Michigan. For requirements and application, visit Scholarships.