Additional Activities

  • Pre-Instrument Twinkle Class $60 Fee

    An early childhood music and movement class offered to children ages 2-4 who would enjoy creative movement, singing, and playing simple instruments. Each class is one hour long, one class each day; a caregiver or parent must accompany the child to the class.

  • Beginning Piano for Adults $60 Fee

    Offered for adults who wish to learn piano, or for someone who wishes to improve their elementary skills. Techniques for playing and basic note reading will be explored.

  • Art Barn No Fee

    Devoted to exclusively art activities. Children look forward to the opportunity to delve into exploration whenever there is a break in their schedule of lessons and practicing. Projects are designed to inspire invention and allow relaxation, where just the right combination of freedom, structure, and interesting materials are provided. Students will find several different projects to try each day.

  • Afternoon Recitals No Fee

    Optional and presented most days at camp. Recital participation forms will be available in late spring.

  • Fiddling No Fee

    For all interested violinists, violists, and cellists will be available three hours each day. Any family member who plays an instrument, especially guitar or bass, is welcome to join in these fun sessions.

  • Parent Orchestra No Fee

    Provides an opportunity for caregivers to play in an orchestra for one hour during each session; the specific time and place will be posted at camp. Any instrument is for all!