Blue Lake Scholarships

Scholarships are limited and awarded based on the following criteria: Audition or portfolio, arts instructor recommendations and, in some cases, financial need. There are two Blue Lake scholarship programs: The Merit Scholarship Program, and the Financial Need Scholarship Program.

The Merit Scholarship program offers general scholarships for all disciplines to students who qualify by audition and application. There is no deadline for these scholarship applications. However, camp enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Financial Need Scholarship Program offers students who may otherwise be unable to attend camp due to financial constraints an opportunity to apply for assistance. Scholarships are limited and based upon application and family income status. There is no deadline for these scholarship applications. However, camp enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  A Financial Need Scholarship application may be submitted online, or through the mail (click HERE for the printable form). Please contact the scholarship office at 800-221-3796 ext. 202 with questions.

You will receive notification of any scholarship award within three weeks of receipt of your scholarship application. Only one Blue Lake scholarship is permitted per student per camp session, but students may replace any lesser scholarship with any greater scholarship earned for the same major/instrument.

A student receiving a Blue Lake scholarship is not automatically registered in a camp session, and a scholarship award does not guarantee or reserve enrollment for a student. An electronic application, which includes payment authorization for a $275 deposit, must be confirmed by Blue Lake’s Admissions Office in order to be enrolled. The electronic application and deposit may be submitted prior to or after you receive notification of scholarship.

Blue Lake enrollment is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Because enrollment can fill very quickly, it is in your interest to apply as soon as possible, even if your scholarship materials have not been submitted. Any scholarship earned after enrollment will be credited to your account.

The following items will be required as you complete the scholarship application form:

  • Personal contact information
  • Your school district name and mailing address
  • Questions relating to your arts background
  • Your school arts teacher and/or private instructor name and email address
  • Your prepared link to your video audition (for musicians, dancers, and actors) or portfolio presentation (for visual artists); or indication that you have or will be auditioning for a Blue Lake Scholarship Representative (either virtually or in person).

How to Prepare your Audition or Portfolio Link:

Make sure you are demonstrating your best work, and review your audition or portfolio carefully before submitting your link.

For instrumental, voice, theater, and dance auditions: Only video will be accepted, no audio recordings. At the beginning of your video, state your first and last name clearly, along with your age and arts discipline. For example: “My name is Renee Fleming, I am 14 years old, and I am a vocalist.” Do not use any form of editing or acoustic altering effects in your audition. ​You will be asked to submit a link to your video (i.e. from your Google drive, Dropbox, YouTube, etc.). Only one link can be submitted, so make sure that your link contains all criteria for your audition.

For Art portfolio reviews: You will be asked to provide a link to your digital portfolio (i.e. from your Google drive, or Dropbox, etc.). Make sure your presentation is clearly labeled with your first and last name, and artistic focus area. Only one link can be submitted, so make sure that your link contains all criteria for your portfolio review.

Audition or Portfolio Criteria

Instrumental: solo or etude (accompanied or unaccompanied) and three major or minor scales demonstrating your instrument’s range. Guitar and soprano sax are not eligible for Merit Scholarships.

Vocal: a short series of vocal warm-ups demonstrating vocal range, and a prepared solo (accompanied or unaccompanied).

Theater: brief monologue of your choice 1-2 minutes in length; and a musical excerpt if auditioning for Musical Theater.

Dance: A brief classical or contemporary combination 1-2 minutes in length, along with demonstrations of 1st arabesque en l’air, la seconde position tendue a terre and en l’air, and the following combinations: adage, pirouette, and allegro. Make sure the dancer’s body stays in the video frame at all times.

Art: portfolio review includes photos of three to five original works. Include a variety of media if possible.

Additional Items for Financial Need Applicants:  1) Recommendation Letter from current Arts Teacher or Private Instructor;  2) Verification of Social Services (including case number) if you are receiving benefits; OR verification of income (including W2 information) if you are currently employed;  3) Most recent District Solo & Ensemble rating sheet (optional).

In order to provide us a link to your audition video or portfolio, you will need to upload your video to YouTube or a cloud storage site, such as Google Drive. You are welcome to use any cloud storage platform to share a link to your file (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc). Make sure the privacy settings/permissions are set so that our reviewers can view your video without an account or login.

Additional Resources


Written steps:

Video Tutorial:      

We recommend you select “Unlisted” as your privacy setting.  Our reviewers will only be able to view your video if it is Unlisted or Public. You’ll be able to copy a link to share, which you can paste into the scholarship application form.


Google Drive

Written steps:

Video Tutorial:        

When sharing the link, make sure the permissions are set to “Anyone with the link” so that our reviewers will be able to view it. You’ll be able to copy a link to share, which you can paste into the scholarship application form.


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