Instructional Faculty

Faculty members serve as instructors, motivators, performers, and positive role models for campers. Instructors spend approximately 6-7 hours per day teaching students in a variety of settings, while those involved in performing ensembles also rehearse as a portion of their daily commitment. Evening commitments consist of workshops, master classes, recitals, and concerts. Faculty members also assist with placement auditions and written evaluations for parents. Those on faculty are also valuable resources for staff members pursuing careers in the arts and education, and connect with them through occasional consulting, coaching, and private instruction. Faculty reside in Faculty Village, consisting of rustic cabins, foot trails, a central dining facility, picnic area, laundry facilities, campfire rings, a small playground, and an outdoor pool. For a complete list of last season’s faculty, visit Faculty.

Assist with implementation of the instructional program for art majors and minor students. Serve as resource for all visual art related activities in the camp and provide group instruction and guidance in a classroom setting. Art faculty also assist with exhibit preparation and show presentation. Focus areas include: Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Fiber Arts, and Printmaking.

Serve as instructor and performer in the camp instructional program. Piano faculty instruct classes in theory, keyboard ensemble, minor classes, and private lessons. Piano faculty also perform in master classes and recitals, and may lecture on a variety of topics.

Assist with implementation of the instructional program for harp majors and minor students. Harp faculty instruct classes in theory, harp history, ensemble performance, and private lessons. Harpists may also perform in faculty recitals and Festival Orchestra and Band.

Assist implementation of the instructional program for theater majors and minor students. Theater faculty instruct technique classes in voice, movement, script analysis, stage combat, musical theater dance, and basic Stanislavskian acting while directing short, equal-opportunity performances for either contemporary acting, Shakespeare, or musical theater final camper presentations.

Teach poetry and prose writing in classroom and outdoor settings. Support and supervise studio time for independent work. Serve as a resource for all Creative Writing department activities. Assist with preparation of student anthologies and end-of-session readings. Select Creative Writing faculty members may also present their work at faculty readings or in other venues.

Assist with implementation of the instructional program for dance majors and minor students. Dance instructors teach ballet technique, pointe or pre-pointe, stretching, partnering, contemporary dance, and improvisation. Dance faculty also assist with rehearsals for final performance or demonstration.

Teach voice students in sectionals, technique, theory, and ear training classes. Assist with choir rehearsals, minor classes, and chamber music. Select voice faculty members may also perform in faculty recitals and in other venues as requested.

Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Choir. Conduct student ensembles in two full rehearsals each day. Work with sectional teachers to set goals and meet needs of the ensemble. Conductors routinely attend sectional classes and guide rehearsal assistants in logistical demands of the group. All ensembles prepare two short performances each session, totaling approximately forty minutes of programming.

Assist with implementation of the instructional program for jazz majors and minor students. Jazz faculty instruct sectional and technique classes, improvisation, jazz history, and assist conductors in rehearsals as requested. Jazz faculty also regularly perform in jazz ensembles as a part of Blue Lake’s Summer Arts Festival.

Teach small group technique classes and larger sectional classes to intermediate or high school students majoring in Blue Lake's instrumental music programs. Perform in the Festival Orchestra and Band, Park Band, chamber ensembles, faculty recitals, and master classes as requested. Act as resource for conductors of student ensembles.

Performing opportunities for faculty members include a range of large and small ensembles featured as part of Blue Lake’s Summer Arts Festival, including the Festival Band, Festival Orchestra, and Jazz Combo. Chamber ensembles and soloists also perform as a part of department events and the Blodgett Faculty Recital Series. All musical faculty candidates, with the exception of conductors, must submit an audition in order to be considered for a position. Auditions should be submitted with the application, and applicants cannot be considered until all materials are received.

Qualifications, Salary, and Dates

Faculty are required to hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and have extensive teaching experience with junior high and/or high school students. Masters and Doctorate level degrees are preferred. Applicants are expected to demonstrate mastery of their craft as performance and demonstration is a significant aspect of teaching at Blue Lake. For all instrumental positions, a recorded audition is required. For other faculty positions, samples of work must be submitted to the Department Chair.

Salary for faculty is based on degree(s) held and previous experience. The starting rate ranges from $556 (Bachelor’s) to $665 (Doctorate) per two-week session, plus room and board. Travel to camp is not reimbursed, but those who commute to campus daily are reimbursed mileage. International applicants must be able to obtain a work authorization prior to employment.

Most faculty positions are two or four week commitments and are divided between the Intermediate and High School sessions. The dates listed include faculty orientation:

Session 1
High School
June 21 - July 3
Session 2
High School
July 5 - July 17
Session 3
July 19 – July 31
Session 4
August 2 - August 14