Counseling Staff

Counseling Staff members serve as role models for campers and provide a warm, caring environment that nurtures self-respect, supports healthy interpersonal relationships, and fosters growth in the arts. Our number one priority is to ensure our campers have an outstanding summer camp experience.

Staff Positions Available

Central Camp Counselors live with and supervise campers while serving as a leader, role model, problem solver, motivator, mentor, and guardian. Attend meals with your cabin, plan and supervise camp activities, manage camper laundry, work daily in a specific work assignment (including performing and artistic assignments), and consistently be present in the moment by evaluating and acting on all campers' needs and concerns.


Central Camp Counselors/Lifeguards have the same responsibilities as central camp counselors, with a work assignment including lifeguarding. Blue Lake certifies candidates with Red Cross certifications. Candidates for Lifeguard positions must be physically fit, competent and confident swimmers, able to meet the American Red Cross prerequisites for lifeguarding, and able to arrive at camp by June 8 for American Red Cross Lifeguard training.


Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Counselors have the same responsibilities as Central Camp counselors. Bernstein counselors are involved with students' instruction as well as recreation and basic camp supervision in order to advocate a close relationship of student to teacher. Work assignments may include teaching sectional and/or technique classes for the Camp Bernstein students. For those interested in these limited sectional/technique teaching positions, a video audition is required and teaching experience is preferred. Some counselors may also teach classes of art, choir, theater, jazz studies, history of music, or nature studies. For those interested in these limited elective teaching positions, a resume is required and teaching experience is preferred.


Unit Counselors have the same responsibilities as central camp cabin counselors, except that they are not assigned a specific cabin of campers. Instead, unit counselors work with a team of other staff members to provide support and supervision to the larger camper group, as well as fill in for cabin counselors who are ill or are called away from camp on emergencies.

Unit directors supervise a group of counselors and campers within a designated unit of cabins, organize required paperwork, plan unit activities, deliver and triage information, support individual camper needs, communicate with parents, and complete any other tasks assigned by the Director of Student Services. Previous camp leadership experience and good communication skills are a must.

Associate Staff Director: Work directly with administrative leadership to orient and support staff, assist with individuals’ needs and concerns, and complete administrative duties as requested. Extensive experience with Blue Lake counseling program required.


Camp Bernstein Director: Work directly with the administrative leadership to orient and support Bernstein staff, implement the Junior Camp's schedule and activity plans, and supervise a staff of 22 counselors in a variety of duties. Extensive experience with Blue Lake counseling program required.


Health Lodge Co-Director: Work with Director of Health Services to orient and support health staff, supervise daily operations, maintain work schedule, communicate with camper parents, assist with individuals’ needs and concerns, and complete other duties as assigned. Previous experience at Blue Lake required, experience at Health Lodge preferred. Minimum certification: American Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder.


Recreation Director: Supervise, coordinate, and promote all camper recreation offerings. Maintain and supervise use of all camp pools. Train and supervise staff of 15 - 20 life guards and 8 recreation assistants. Serve as Health Officer and provide leadership assistance in Health Lodge. Supervisory and training experience preferred. Minimum certification required: American Red Cross Lifeguard; Lifeguard Management; CPR-PR and Standard First Aid.

Staff members with backgrounds in art, theater, and dance have opportunities to assist faculty and students in those program areas, as well as explore their own artistic growth through individual studio time or participation in staff groups. Staff members who qualify may also teach or assist with minor classes in art, drama, jazz studies, world music, creative writing, or nature studies with Blue Lake's junior or central camp students.


Applicants with a music background must submit a video audition in order to be considered for a performing or teaching assignment. Following is a list opportunities typically available. Placement is based on audition.


Festival Band or Orchestra: comprised of professional musicians, music educators, and select staff, these ensembles perform regularly throughout the Summer Arts Festival and rehearse on a daily basis during performance weeks.


Staff Symphonic Band: comprised of graduate and undergraduate music majors, minors, and other staff members who qualify, this ensemble performs four times during the summer season and rehearses five times per two-week session.


Faculty Jazz Ensemble: comprised primarily of professional jazz musicians and educators, this ensemble performs several times throughout Blue Lake's Jazz Festival. Staff positions are based on instrumentation needs and are extremely limited.


Staff Jazz Ensemble: comprised of graduate and undergraduate music majors, minors, and other staff who qualify, this ensemble will rehearse regularly throughout the summer and will perform as a part of Blue Lake's jazz festival, as well as other performances.


Staff Choir: comprised of music majors, minors, and other staff with interest, this ensemble will rehearse regularly throughout the summer and will perform regularly in chapel services and staff recitals.


Staff Chamber Ensembles (vocal ensemble, brass quintet, string quartet, woodwind quintet, etc.): comprised of staff members who qualify, these groups receive regular coaching from faculty. They rehearse regularly throughout the summer and may audition to perform in the Staff Recital and/or Showcase. Select ensembles may also be requested to perform for junior campers, throughout Blue Lake's Summer Arts Festival, and during chapel services.


Staff Solo Competition: Instrumentalists and vocalists are given the opportunity to audition for Blue Lake's staff solo competition during the beginning of the summer. The selected winner will solo during a staff recital for the camp community, and will receive a professional recording session at Blue Lake Public Radio.


Sectional and Technique Teacher at Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein): Teach daily sectional/technique classes to Junior Camp students, working with conducting staff to emphasize basic techniques, repertoire, and motivation. Candidates for these limited positions are typically instrumental music education majors in their later, more advanced years of study. Teaching or student teaching experience, and/or music degree preferred.


Counselors and Unit Directors will be assigned two or more of the following duties as a part of their work schedule. You will be asked to rank you top six choices in order of preference (1 - 6) on your application.


Art: Assist art faculty by guiding students with projects and aiding teachers with class materials. Focus areas include drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, sculpture, and fiber arts.


Band or Orchestra: Assist conductor of assigned ensemble with attendance, set-up, tear-down, music folders, classroom management, and other tasks.


Piano: Assist piano teachers with music, class materials, attendance, practice schedules, and monitoring practice rooms.


Choir: Assist choral conductor with attendance, set-up & tear-down, music distribution, classroom management, and other tasks. Participate in ensemble rehearsals if desired.


Dance: Assist dance faculty with attendance, preparation for classes, classroom management, and maintaining studio. Performance opportunities may be available to those with significant dance training.


Jazz: Assist Jazz Band conductors with rehearsal needs, including music, set-up, equipment, and attendance.


Theater: Assist theater faculty with class preparation and materials, set and prop needs, attendance, and class management.


Harp: Assist harp faculty with class preparation, including teaching materials, music, attendance, harp tuning, and maintenance. Harpists who qualify may have chamber music and large ensemble performing opportunities based upon repertoire and other needs. Inquire during interview.


Creative Writing: Assist Creative Writing faculty with class preparation and materials, attendance, and class management.


Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Sectional Teacher: Teach daily sectional/technique classes to Junior Camp students. Emphasis is on basic techniques, repertoire, and motivation. Previous teaching experience and/or degree in music preferred. Video audition required. Specific positions available for String, Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion.


Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Minor Teacher: Teach daily enrichment classes to Junior Camp students. Emphasis is on creativity, building self-esteem, and learning basic techniques. Previous teaching experience and/or degree preferred. Specific positions for Sasquatch Club, Art, Jazz Studies, Music History, Choir, and Theater.


Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Minor Assistant: Assist Bernstein minor teachers with daily enrichment classes for campers, including Sasquatch Club (nature studies), Art, Jazz, World Music, and Theater.


Lifeguard: Guard at pools during camper and faculty swimming hours and assist Recreation Director with pool and area cleaning. Must be physically fit and a competent and confident swimmer. Blue Lake certifies candidates, who must be able to arrive by June 8.


Administrative Assistant: Assist Program office and administrative leaders with clerical tasks in the Administration Building.


Attendance Assistant: Work with the Attendance Operator and a team of other staff to process camper attendance throughout the morning or afternoon.


Central Camp Minor Teacher: Please list specific interest on your application.


  • Campfire Guitar: Teach daily enrichment class in a casual setting, providing students a forum for learning and sharing traditional campfire songs.
  • Nature Studies: Teach a daily class by using the camp’s trails and curriculum based upon natural features inventory completed by the local nature conservancy.
  • Health & Fitness: Working with dance faculty, lead a daily class in personal maintenance for young artists, focusing on techniques such as pilates, yoga, aerobics, stretching and conditioning, time and stress management, and healthy lifestyle.
  • Camp Crafts: Work with art faculty to lead campers in constructing traditional summer camp crafts.


Central Camp Minor Assistant: Please list specific interest on your application.


  • Conducting: Assist faculty in introducing students to the basic elements of instrumental conducting through observation, score analysis, and practice.
  • Music Theory: Assist faculty in guiding and tutoring students in basic music theory.
  • Cross Cultural Strings: Assist faculty in introducing students to a variety of ethnic, cultural, and indigenous string music from around the world.
  • Radio Broadcasting: Assist radio personnel in introductory class in broadcasting taught at Blue Lake’s public radio station.
  • Recreation Assistant: Coach students in organized games, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, water games, and other fun!
  • Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion, or Vocal Performer: Rehearse regularly with staff ensembles, receive coaching by faculty, and perform throughout the summer season in recitals and other performances. Video audition required.
  • Central Park Monitors: Work with a team of staff members to help supervise the central park area, including maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for campers, meeting students, addressing concerns, and promoting a clean campus.

Qualifications, Dates, and Salary

Applicants for counseling positions must meet the following criteria: at least 18 years of age, at least one year of college after completing high school, and interest and aptitude in working with young people. Prospective Unit Directors must have previous camp counseling experience.

Applicants must be available for the full season. Extended work dates for some positions are available to cover pre- and post-camp duties. Dates include paid on-site orientation.

Counselors: June 13 – August 14, including 9 days of paid orientation.
Unit Directors: June 7 – August 14, including 15 days of paid orientation.

Salary ranges from $2,100 – $2,450 plus housing and meals. Salary is based on years of college study and/or degree(s) earned. Season-end bonuses available for those who qualify.