Counseling Staff Assistantships

(positions open only to Counseling Staff: Counselors and Unit Directors)

All counseling staff members will be assigned two or more of the following duties as a portion of their job at Blue Lake.  Please rank you top six choices in order of preference (1 - 6) on your application*.
*Due to program changes related to our COVID-careful planning in 2021, specific assignments or responsibilities may adjust. Individuals interested in performing assignments may also be assigned other job responsibilities.  

Art: Assist art faculty by guiding students with projects and aiding teachers with class materials.  Focus areas include drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, sculpture, and fiber arts.  Background in studio art preferred.

Band or Orchestra:  Assist conductor of assigned ensemble with attendance, set-up, tear-down, music folders, rehearsal discipline, and other tasks.  Experience in instrumental ensembles preferred.

Piano:  Assist piano teachers with music, class materials, attendance, practice schedules, and monitoring practice rooms.  Background in piano required.

Choir:  Assist choral conductor with attendance, set-up & tear-down, music distribution, rehearsal discipline, and other tasks.  Participate in ensemble rehearsals if desired.

Dance:  Assist dance faculty with attendance, preparation for classes, class discipline, and maintaining studio. Experience in ballet preferred.  Performance opportunities may be available to those with significant dance training.

Jazz:  Assist Jazz Band conductors with rehearsal needs, including music, set-up, equipment, and attendance. Jazz experience and improvisational skills preferred.

Theater:  Assist theater faculty with class preparation and materials, set and prop needs, attendance, and class discipline. Theatrical experience preferred.

Harp: Assist harp faculty with class preparation, including teaching materials, music, attendance, harp tuning, and maintenance.  Harp experience preferred but not required.  Advanced harpists who qualify may have chamber music and large ensemble performing opportunities based upon repertoire and other needs.  Please inquire during interview.

Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Sectional Teacher: Teach daily sectionals and/or technique classes to Junior Camp students. Emphasis is on basic techniques, repertoire, and motivation.  Previous teaching experience and/or degree in music preferred.  Recorded audition required. Specific positions available for String, Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion. Please list specific interest on your application.

Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Minor Teacher: Teach daily enrichment classes to Junior Camp students.  Emphasis is on creativity, building self-esteem, and learning basic techniques.  Previous teaching experience and/or degree preferred. Specific positions for Sasquatch Club, Art, Jazz Studies, Music History, and Theater. Please list specific interest on your application.

Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Minor Assistant: Assist Bernstein Minor teachers with daily enrichment classes for Junior Campers, including Sasquatch Club, Art, Jazz, Music History, and Theater. Please list specific interest on your application.

Central Camp Minor Teacher: Please list specific interest on your application.

Campfire Guitar: Teach daily enrichment class in a casual setting, providing students a forum for learning and sharing traditional campfire songs.

Nature Studies: Teach a daily class in Nature Studies by using the camp’s trails and curriculum based upon natural features inventory completed by the local Nature Conservancy.

Health & Fitness: Working with Dance faculty, lead a daily class in personal maintenance for young artists, focusing on techniques such as pilates, yoga, aerobics, stretching and conditioning, time and stress management, and healthy lifestyle. Experience in fitness or phys. ed. preferred.

Camp Crafts: Work with other staff and Art faculty to lead campers in constructing traditional summer camp crafts.

Creative Writing: Lead the Creative Writing minor by implementing daily lesson plans for the creative writing. Prepare class materials as necessary, and work with students individually as needed. Background in English and/or Creative Writing preferred.

Central Camp Minor Assistant: Please list specific interest on your application.

Conducting: Assist faculty in introducing students to the basic elements of instrumental conducting through observation, score analysis, and practice.

Music Theory: Assist faculty in guiding and tutoring students in basic music theory. Background in theory preferred.

Cross Cultural Strings: Assist faculty in introducing students to the fun of various styles of fiddling. All string instrumentalists welcome.

Radio Broadcasting: Assist radio personnel in introductory class in broadcasting taught at Blue Lake’s public radio station. Background in broadcast coursework or experience preferred.

Recreation Assistant: Coach students in organized team sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, water polo, water volleyball, and other non-traditional team building games.  Supervise campers in a wide range of daily recreational activities. Experience preferred but not required.               

Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion, or Vocal Performer: Rehearse regularly with staff ensembles, receive coaching by faculty, and perform throughout the summer season in recitals and other performances.  Video audition required.

Central Park Monitors:  Work with a team of staff members to help supervise Blue Lake's central park area, including maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for campers, meeting students, addressing any concerns and promoting environmental awareness.

Lifeguard:  Guard at pools during camper and faculty swimming hours and assist Recreation Director with pool maintenance.  Must be physically fit and a competent swimmer.  Blue Lake will certify candidates.

Administrative Assistant:  Assist Program Coordinator with camper attendance, clerical tasks, and other daily operation in the Administration Building.  Clerical experience preferred.

Attendance Assistant: Work with the Attendance Coordinator and a team of other staff to process camper attendance throughout the morning or afternoon.