Blue Lake’s Dance Program is designed to challenge young dancers, enhancing their current level of training through a diverse curriculum. Dance Majors receive five hours of daily instruction that includes courses in ballet technique, contemporary/modern technique, pointe or pre-pointe, and exploration of a range of dance styles and genres. The program also provides opportunities to learn original repertoire that challenges a dancer’s movement vocabulary and ability to quickly learn choreography. Workshops in injury prevention, conditioning, choreography, improvisation, and dance history help to provide a well-rounded summer dance experience.

Students can complete their instructional day by choosing a Minor, allowing them to experience another area of interest while at camp. (For more information, visit Minors). Students also have the opportunity to participate in recreation, camp activities, and attend arts-focused educational events in the evening.

In order to accommodate each student’s level of training, faculty place dancers in classes according to proficiency. Evaluation takes place on opening day. Students remain within their class levels throughout the course of the day. All dancers work together for morning conditioning classes, workshop classes, and final performances.

For more information on Blue Lake’s 2021 adjustments relating to COVID-19 health and safety precautions, visit COVID-Careful Planning.