Blue Lake’s Dance Program is designed to challenge young dancers, enhancing their current level of training through a diverse curriculum. Dance Majors receive five hours of daily instruction that includes courses in ballet technique, contemporary/modern technique, pointe or pre-pointe, partnering, and men’s classes. The program also provides opportunities to learn original repertoire that challenges a dancer’s movement vocabulary and ability to quickly learn choreography. Workshops in injury prevention, choreography, improvisation, and dance history help to provide a well-rounded summer dance experience.

Students can complete their instructional day by choosing a Minor, allowing them to experience another area of interest while at camp. Please go to minors for a complete list of courses. Students also have the opportunity to hear various performances presented as a part of Blue Lake’s Summer Arts Festival, as well as participate in recreational activities and other camp events.

Placement Class
To better accommodate each student’s level of training, dance majors participate in a placement class on the first day of camp. Dancers are placed in either level A or B, according to proficiency. Dancers remain within their class levels throughout the course of the day and are placed together for morning conditioning classes, selected workshop classes, and final Sunday performances.

The Dance Ensemble
Blue Lake’s Dance Ensemble is a four week intensive program that culminates in a performance held at the 750-seat Miller Theater on the campus of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Participation is by audition only and is limited to 40 dancers working at an advanced/intermediate level of training. Ensemble dancers receive daily technique classes along with coaching, mentoring, and rehearsals, all led by Blue Lake’s outstanding dance faculty.

Blue Lake Scholarship Auditions
All prospective dance campers are encouraged to participate in the free Master Class/ Scholarship Audition. Merit Scholarships are awarded to dancers based upon ability, potential, work ethic, and commitment to dance. The most advanced dancers will be invited to join our 4-week intensive program and participate as a member in the Blue Lake Dance Ensemble. Dancers unable to attend a scheduled audition may submit a video audition online at