Student Daily Schedule

Each full day is divided into 6 one-hour class periods, three before lunch, and three after lunch. Each student will attend three of the six periods, unless they have chosen to enroll in an additional chamber music class. The first period of the day begins at 8:30am. The last class ends at 4:30pm. Class sizes and locations will be determined based upon current COVID-19 safety guidelines, allowing for appropriate distancing and other accommodations.

Piano Students:

  • Individual lesson in a master class format
  • Repertoire review class
  • Improvisation/theory class
  • Chamber music for ages 9 and up. See more  Here

String Students:

  • Individual lesson in a master class format
  • Larger class dealing with techniques appropriate to the level of the student
  • Repertoire review class team taught by the individual lesson teachers
  • Young Reader’s orchestra for students, ages 7 and up.
  • Chamber music and orchestra for students ages 9 and up. See more Here