Student Registration Categories and Fees

As a part of our health and safety plans for ‘21, the Suzuki Family Camp will offer smaller ensembles, groups, and classes in well-ventilated facilities that allow for sufficient physical distancing. For more information, please visit

  1. Pre-Instrument Twinkle $55
    For children ages 2-4. One class a day without instruments.

  2. Lessons $210
    Three classes daily. For students who are already playing an instrument.

  3. Lessons and Young Reader’s Orchestra $255
    Four classes daily. For string students who are age 7+ in Book 2 of Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass and are reading some music.

  4. Lessons and Chamber Music (piano) $275
    Lessons, Chamber Music and Orchestra (strings) $275
    Four classes daily. Early registration required.
    For students who are age 9+ and are the level of:

    • Piano – Book 3 Kuhulau Sonatina and above
    • Violin – Book 4
    • Viola – Book 3
    • Cello – Book 3
    • Bass – Book 2

One $75 non-refundable registration fee per family