Housing Options on Camp and Meals

Housing is available on the grounds of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. A typical Blue Lake cabin is shown below. Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp will work to accommodate housing requests but cannot guarantee placements. Adjustments may be necessary in order to adhere to current COVID guidelines.

Single Family,  Self-Contained Cabin: $90 adult/$70 child

Some cabins have separated rooms, concrete floors, lavatory with shower, beds, electricity and a few furnishings. A limited number of these cabins are available, early registration is encouraged to secure a self-contained cabin.

Single Family, Shared Facilities: $75 adult/$55 child

Six cabins are arranged in a semi-circle around the bath building which has several sinks, stalls and separate showers, one side for men, one for women. Cabins have one large room, 24’ x 24’, wooden floor, 6 double bunks with mattresses; electricity furnished.

Typical Cabin

Camp Sites: Trailer campsite $85, Tent campsite $70

Niblock Area: Camping in the woods
Non-designated sites for tents in the forest with no electrical or picnic table. Numbered sites for RV/Trailer with electricity and picnic table. 
Rest room, shower facilities and water nearby, 10-15 min walk to

Bernstein: Camping near the lake
No tents in this area. Numbered sites for RVs/ Trailers only with
electricity, water, and picnic table. Rest room, shower facilities nearby, 10 min walk to classes.                    

Sousa Field: Camping at the edge of the forest
No designated sites for tents with no electrical or picnic table.
Numbered sites for RV/Trailer with electricity and picnic table.  Rec. field, rest room, shower facilities, and water nearby, 10 minute walk to classes.


Off-Camp Housing

While families are not required to stay on campus, we strongly recommend it as a way to embrace the full camp experience. Should you choose to commute, we ask that you make every effort to adhere to COVID mitigation strategies including mask-wearing, physical distancing, and avoiding crowded indoor settings. For more information on local accommodations, For more information on local accommodations in the White Lake area, visit http://www.whitelake.org/. For Muskegon accommodations, visit http://visitmuskegon.org/.

The Suzuki Family Camp provides daily meals in Marek Hall North. Meal times and a menu will be provided upon arrival. Vegetarian options are always offered.

Meals $85 adult/$70 ages 5-11/ages 0-4 free