Housing Options on Camp

Housing is available on the grounds of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. A typical Blue Lake cabin is shown on the lower right.

Single Family,  Self-Contained Cabin

Some cabins have separated rooms, concrete floors, bath, beds, electricity furnished. A limited number of these cabins are available, early registration is encouraged to secure a self-contained cabin.

Single Family, Shared Facilities

Six cabins are arranged in a semi-circle around the bath building which has several sinks, stalls and separate showers, one side for men, one for women. Cabins have one large room, 24’ x 24’, wooden floor, 6 double bunks with mattresses; electricity furnished.

Camp Sites

Niblock Area: Camping in the woods
Available for all sessions
Non-designated sites for tents in the forest with no electrical or picnic table. Numbered sites for RV/Trailer with electricity and picnic table. 
Rest room, shower facilities and water nearby, 10-15 min walk to

Lakeview on the Hill: Camping near the lake
Available for all sessions
No tents in this area. Numbered sites for RVs/ Trailers only with
electricity, water, and picnic table. Rest room, shower facilities nearby, 10 min walk to classes.            

Sousa Field: Camping at the edge of the forest
Sessions 2 and 3 only
No designated sites for tents with no electrical or picnic table.
Numbered sites for RV/Trailer with electricity and picnic table.  Rec. field, rest room, shower facilities, and water nearby, 10 minute walk to classes.

Teen Cabin     Sessions 2 and 3 only

Students 12 and over may stay in a cabin with a camp counselor.  Special recreational and social activities are planned in addition to regular scheduled music classes.

Off-Camp Housing

A list of motels and campgrounds in the area will be sent upon request.

2017 Dates

SESSION 1 June 14 - 17 Piano

SESSION 2 June 18 - 21
                    Piano and Strings

SESSION 3 June 22 - 25 Strings

Teacher Training Courses
Piano Book 2: June 13-17
Piano Book 3: June 17-21
Violin Book 1: June 17-25
Violin Book 2: June 17-21
Violin Book 3: June 21-25
Cello Book 3: June 21-25