General Policies and Information

Blue Lake has adjusted its standard refund policy to reduce risk for families as we navigate complications relating to the coronavirus and COVID-19. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Refunds are processed within 30 days of written notice to All tuition will be refunded, including the deposit, if a student or family is impacted directly by the current coronavirus and COVID-19 concerns, such as but not limited to the following examples:

  • Student cannot travel to Blue Lake due to government restrictions as of June 1, 2020
  • Student cannot attend Blue Lake due to adjusted school dates which conflict with Blue Lake session
  • Student has personal or family health or activity restrictions due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Student or family health concerns arise at camp (the student/family will not be permitted to stay)
  • Student family faces financial hardship directly related to COVID-19 concerns
  • Blue Lake cancels a program or session

Confirmation and Further Information: A confirmation letter will be mailed shortly after your registration is received stating your balance due. Further information about the camp, program and items to bring will be emailed in May.

If a Parent is Unable to Attend: Send the name and contact info of the adult responsible and enclose a notarized statement with the application releasing BLFAC and the adult at camp from any liability. Students who are 12 and older may stay in a Teen Cabin with a camp counselor. Additional recreational and social activities are planned for the students in Teen Cabins.

No pets allowed on camp

Payment Information
A non-refundable fee of $75 is required with this application. Applications may be scanned and emailed as a PDF to but will not be considered until a minimum deposit of $75 has been received. Do not email your credit card information. Instead, contact 800-221-3796 to reach the Blue Lake office. Any remaining balance is due by Friday, May 10th. Thank you.