Chamber Music

Student Registration Categories

A. Pre-Pre Twinkle: For children ages 2-6. One class a day without instruments. See Activities

B. Lessons: Three classes daily. For students who are already playing an instrument.

C. Lessons and Young Reader’s Orchestra: Four classes daily. For string students who are age 7+ in Violin Book 3, or Book 2 of Viola, Cello and Bass and are reading some music.

D. Lessons and Chamber Music (piano) or Lessons, Chamber Music, and Orchestra (strings):
Four classes daily, early registration required. For students who are age 9+ and are the level of:
Piano – Book 3 Kuhulau Sonatina and above
Violin – Book 5
Viola and Cello – Book 3
Bass – Book 2


Piano Chamber Music

Piano chamber music is an optional 4th class during both sessions 1 and 2. The class is open to piano students who meet the criteria listed above. This class is offered in addition to the regularly scheduled three classes: individual lesson class, repertoire review class, and Orff/improvisation class. Piano chamber music students play duets during classes and join friends and students in ensembles. All groups play in a final piano concert. More advanced students will learn 4-hand duets. A list of required non-Suzuki chamber music to be studied will be sent to registered students after May 5th. Students will purchase their own copies of this music. This class is in addition to the regularly scheduled three classes.

Piano Chamber Music has limited enrollment and student registrations are due by April 15th. Late registrants may not be able to be accommodated in the program.

For more information on the Piano Program, please contact:
Linda Smith, (419) 356-1613,


String Chamber Music and Orchestra

String chamber music is open to any string student who meets the criteria listed above. Ensembles will be formed with each student playing one on a part. Each ensemble will perform once during each session.

The daily schedule of these chamber music students will include 4 classes: the individual lesson class, repertoire review class, orchestra, and ensemble. Students participating in the string chamber music program are encouraged to attend both sessions for a more extended experience, however ensembles will be formed both 2nd and 3rd sessions.

There are 2 orchestras each session: “Haydn” for the younger students, and “Mozart” for the older students. Each orchestra will perform in the concert the last day of each session.

To facilitate the formation of ensembles at camp, string students NEW to the chamber music program will be asked to send an audio recording and submit questionnaires. Information with music excerpts and more specific instructions regarding preparation will be emailed after receipt of registration form.

NEW THIS YEAR: Each student who registers for the chamber music program will receive their music via email, two weeks before the start of camp. May 10th is the deadline for submission of student questionnaires and recordings. Late registrants may not be placed in a small group but will be allowed to play in an assigned orchestra.

Former students may choose to send a recording showing progress in sight reading skills. Students will be placed in groups corresponding to the sight reading, teacher’s comments, and playing demonstrated on the recording.


Young Reader's Orchestra

This orchestra is for students who meet the criteria listed above. Class meets daily in addition to the regularly scheduled 3 classes. No recording is required. This orchestra will perform on the last concert of each session.