February 20, 2017


Dear Friends,

The picture above represents the future. . . young people. . . demonstrating their ability to learn and to perform at high levels. . . with confidence. 

Here at Blue Lake, the future is always, tangibly with us. . . in each student we meet, in each dance step, in each sketch, in each note played or song sung.

Even as the future is always present, we are well aware that success comes one day at a time and one student at a time.  So as programs are fashioned, instructors are chosen, and schedules are made, they are done so with each student in mind.  And in the end, when the last students exit at the end of summer, if we have done our jobs well, they will take with them improved skills, a sense of achievement, and lasting memories.

As I write this, plans are coming together for the upcoming camp season.  And as Blue Lake has done since its founding, we are providing scholarships to deserving students  It has always been our practice to make the camp experience available to as many young people as possible, regardless of their financial circumstance.  And as public schools continue to curtail music and art programs, it is more important than ever to support these young people.

You can help with this worthwhile effort by making a donation today to the Blue Lake Scholarship Fund.  Your donation will be used entirely to help a young person attend camp this summer.  Please take a moment today to make your on-line contribution

If you prefer, you may choose to support our building program, our public radio stations, the Instrument Museum, or sponsor a seat at Stewart Music Shell.  Any amount is appreciated.

If you are interested in supporting Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in some other manner, such as a gift to our endowment fund, or if you would like to discuss a major gift, please feel free to contact our Vice President for Development Dave Myers by email at dmyers@bluelake.org.  Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.

As we begin our 51st year, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is resting on a solid foundation, and we are grateful that you are a part of the Blue Lake family.  You make it possible for many talented, young people to have experiences that they will treasure their entire lives.
Thank you for your wonderful support.


Fritz Stansell, President