Visiting Campers

As a part of Blue Lake’s COVID-Careful plans for summer '21 operations, we are limiting visitors on campus during the session. Performances and evening events are not open to the general public. Families of campers are limited to visiting during specific times and circumstances. Please contact the Administration Office at 231-894-1966 for more information. For more information on Blue Lake’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, please visit COVID-Careful Planning.

Because part of the camp experience is learning independence, we strongly discourage visits during the session. While at Blue Lake, students spend their time in various scheduled and supervised activities. Participating fully in these activities, whether instructional classes, recreational activities, evening events, time with friends, or meals with cabin mates, is what makes the camp experience complete. Students have the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals, and the time away from family fosters independence in a well-structured, educational setting. If family circumstances dictate that visiting is absolutely necessary, we require that it be limited to the middle Sunday, in conjunction with our camp schedule. Visitors are limited to parents, grandparents, and other immediate family.