Transportation Assistance

As a part of Blue Lake’s COVID-Careful plans for summer ’21 operations, we are unable to accommodate participants who must use public transportation to get to camp.  We are​ therefore unable to provide transportation assistance to campers. If updated guidelines permit, we will adjust this policy. For more information on Blue Lake’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, please visit COVID-Careful Planning.

Blue Lake can provide transportation for students to and from commercial transportation depots within a one-hour radius of the campus. This includes Grand Rapids Air, Train, and Bus; Muskegon Air, Bus, and Ferry; Holland Train; and Ludington Ferry. Fees for the transportation service range from $85 - $200 one way, depending on travel distance and staffing requirements.

To request Blue Lake Transportation…

Students traveling within the US to Blue Lake:
Review the dates and information below, book your travel within the specified dates/times for your camper’s session.  Then, complete the “Early Arrival, Transportation, and Late Departure” reservation in your registration account online. Fees must be paid in full 30 days prior to your camper’s session. Contact Blue Lake Transportation at 800-221-8796 x211 or if you have any questions or are not able to book on the specified dates.

Students traveling internationally to Blue Lake:
Contact the Blue Lake International Exchange Coordinator at 800-221-3796 x203 or before booking your travel. Then, complete the “Early Arrival, Transportation, and Late Departure” reservation in your registration account online. Blue Lake administrative personnel will contact you to confirm your travel plans and other details.

All Transportation Requests and fees must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of travel! Due to the complexity of scheduling transportation, Blue Lake cannot accommodate last-minute requests.       

Arrival and Departure Dates
Campers using Blue Lake Transportation should arrive the Tuesday prior to the start of session, and/or depart the Monday following the final Sunday of the session. Students will be accommodated on camp with Blue Lake staff members during any time that falls outside of the camp session. Please note that accommodations on camp cannot be made prior to 5pm on Tuesday June 23rd or after 3pm on Sunday August 16th.

2020 Sessions

Arrival Day

Departure Day

Fees Due

Session 1 (June 22 - July 3)

June 22 (after 5pm*)

July 5

May 23

Session 2 (July 6 - July 17)

July 6

July 19

June 6

Session 3 (July 20 - July 31 )

July 20

August 1

June 20

Session 4 (August 3 - August 14)

August 3

August 15 (before 3pm*)

July 5

*Please note that accommodations on camp cannot be made prior to 5pm on Tuesday June 23rd or after 3pm on Sunday August 16th. 

Air Travel
Students traveling by air are strongly encouraged to fly through Grand Rapids International Airport to allow for the greatest flexibility in rebooking if airline schedule adjustments arise. Those who are traveling as unaccompanied minors must fly through Grand Rapids exclusively, as smaller regional airports cannot accommodate a student with unaccompanied minor status in the event of flight delays, cancellations, or other complications.

Flying with “unaccompanied minor” status
Every airline has a unique policy for unaccompanied minors.  Some airlines require that children under a certain age must travel with the status of “unaccompanied minor,” and other airlines offer this simply as an option to parents. Typically, there is an additional fee associated with these tickets, as well as restrictions regarding flight options, supervision, connecting flights, and multiple airlines. Please check with your specific airline for clarification.

If your child is flying as an unaccompanied minor, associated airline fees must be paid prior to each flight. Some airlines will only allow payment of this fee one way, and a second payment may be required prior to departure. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to assess fees and payment requirements, and either make appropriate arrangements with the airline or make sure the student is prepared to pay. Blue Lake is not responsible for additional fees associated with unaccompanied minor travel.

Airlines often require a specific name for the responsible adult meeting your child at the airport. Contact Blue Lake Transportation at or 800-221-3796 x211 to determine the Blue Lake representative who will be meeting your child at the airport.

Please view the links below to learn more about unaccompanied minors traveling with commonly used airlines:

American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Air France

Blue Lake Transportation Fees
Transportation fees vary by distance and staffing requirements, and range from $85 to $200 one way. See the table below to estimate the cost of your student’s travel.  Transportation fees will be calculated after your student’s full travel itinerary is received.

To / From

Mode of Travel


Unaccompanied Minor Status

Grand Rapids

Air, Train, or Bus


+ $50


Air, Bus, or Ferry


+ $50




+ $50




+ $50