The Campus

For more information on Blue Lake’s 2021 adjustments relating to COVID-19 health and safety precautions, visit COVID-Careful Planning.

The Campus
Blue Lake is located north of Muskegon, Michigan, in the Manistee National Forest and on the shore of Little Blue Lake. The campus sits in the middle of 1,600 acres of preserved forest containing large white and red pine, oak, and maple trees. Blue Lake maintains more than 300 rustic buildings, shelters, and cabins, all within a beautiful wilderness. Students walk Canterbury Lane, Blue Lake’s main footpath, to reach classes throughout the campus. Many first-time campers are surprised at the size and scope of Blue Lake’s campus, and it is not uncommon for a camper to walk a mile or more each day as they go to and from meals, classes, and events.

The Health Lodge 
Blue Lake’s health lodge operates 24 hours a day and offers basic first-aid care and medication storage for campers. The camp nurses and qualified staff are available throughout the day and emergency care facilities are just minutes away.

Meals in Marek North
Campers take meals with their cabin mates and share in clean-up duties. Dining consists of well-balanced cafeteria-style meals served three times daily all served by a professional food service staff. In addition to hot entrees and side dishes (regular and vegetarian options available), an extensive assortment of fresh vegetables, proteins, fruit, and breads are offered at each meal. Please see Health and Medical Care for more information on dietary restrictions.

Camp Pride 
Blue Lake prides itself in maintaining a clean and natural environment for its students. All campers help to preserve its beauty by pitching in on Camp Sweeps, picking up litter or collecting fallen branches for a campfire. Cabins and units are assigned areas of the camp to help keep clean.

On the Air
The broadcast studios of Blue Lake Public Radio, WBLV 90.3 in Muskegon and WBLU 88.9 in Grand Rapids, are located on the campus of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and serve as a voice of the arts with a focus on classical, jazz, and NPR programming. Campers have the opportunity to attend live broadcasts at William Stewart Memorial Music Shell, and those who take the Radio Broadcast minor get a hands-on learning experience inside the studios with our experienced announcers. Blue Lake Public Radio also streams online at, and our radio app is available for download for Apple and Android devices. Tune in!

The Musical Instrument Museum
While at camp, many students will visit Blue Lake’s Musical Instrument Museum to learn the history of their own instruments. Home of one of the largest collections of antique instruments in the Midwest, you never know what sounds you’ll hear in the museum–anything from a Didgeridoo to a Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle. We even have a calliope which makes an appearance on campus now and then.

The Camp Store 
The Happy Camper, located in Central Park, offers a wide assortment of snacks, ice cream, and refreshments as well as souvenirs, gifts, uniform items, and basic camp supplies. The Happy Camper is a favorite daily destination for many within the camp community. You can also visit for the latest in Blue Lake fashions.