Camper Presentations

A session at Blue Lake culminates with a camper’s final presentation within their discipline or ensemble. Students take great pride in their accomplishments after eleven days and are eager to share their enthusiasm with family and friends.

Due to current COVID-19 recommendations for summer camps, Blue Lake is temporarily prohibited from hosting public performances and gatherings. Until these restrictions ease, final camper presentations from each discipline and ensemble will be video-recorded on the final Saturday of the session and made available to friends and family for free viewing shortly after the conclusion of the session. Video downloads and CD audio recordings will also be available for purchase (audio recordings not available for theater, dance, or art).

Should COVID-19 guidelines permit safe public gatherings, Blue Lake will adjust this temporary plan for camper presentations and notify parents.

Outstanding Camper Awards
Faculty and staff at Blue Lake consider all of our campers to be exceptional individuals. At the conclusion of each session, every department and ensemble recognizes one camper who demonstrates outstanding leadership, citizenship, artistic accomplishments and progress, and enthusiasm throughout their camp experience. These campers receive an Outstanding Camper Award and scholarship to return to Blue Lake the following summer.