In June, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp will open its doors on a new season as the first campers of the summer arrive, meet their counselors, and pick out their bunks. They will reluctantly -- or enthusiastically -- say good-bye to their parents and go about the business of adjusting to a new experience, thriving in a creative environment, and having a lot of fun at camp. 2021 brings new challenges to summer camps all across the country. Blue Lake will look a little different on the surface as we embrace COVID-19 mitigation practices that promote health and safety within our campus community, and we invite you to learn more about our plans here. At the heart of Blue Lake remains that same wonderful, familiar place – a welcoming environment focused on quality arts education and opportunity for growth.

This past year, our students have faced growing fatigue from postponements, cancelations, and ever-changing adjustments at school. Most have found that their arts opportunities have reduced greatly or evaporated. And now more than ever, the constant distraction of cell phones and social media pulls us away from focusing on the here-and-now of our lives. Blue Lake offers a much needed break for students to look up, embrace screen-free human interaction, get back to the arts, and truly rediscover their potential.

After more than fifty years, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp still provides a unique experience for its campers. Blue Lake’s impact on shaping young lives is defined by our past students and the thousands of dedicated counselors, staff, and faculty who have served Blue Lake since its inception. Our original mission to inspire young artists to achieve their potential has not wavered since our first day of camp in 1966. We are pleased to continue that tradition in 2021 and look forward to meeting Blue Lake’s future alumni this summer.

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Heidi Stansell
Interim President
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp