Local Content & Services

Blue Lake Public Radio is "The Voice of the Arts" in West Michigan.  As the standard bearer for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, our (market-exclusive) Classical music programming, along with the Jazz and Folk/Bluegrass we broadcast plays a vital role in promoting the arts and culture in the region. 

We maintain strong partnerships with every major arts and cultural organization in West Michigan, including: two symphony orchestras; an opera company; art museums; public museums, a ballet company; theatrical companies; arts councils; and also with academic arts and cultural programs that altogether promote and encourage community involvement in the arts throughout the year.

West Michigan arts organizations count on Blue Lake Public Radio as "the" media outlet where their performance/event information is conveyed in detailed fashion vs. only conventional, time-limited public service announcements.  As part of this effort, we conduct on-going "live" and pre-recorded interviews at the station, and off-site.  Local concert series performances by the Grand Rapids Symphony and West Michigan Symphony are also broadcast.

Blue Lake Public Radio embraces its role as “The Voice of the Arts” in West Michigan!