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Corporation for Public Broadcasting – Fiscal Year 2017
WBLU & WBLV (Blue Lake Public Radio) Local Services & Content Report

WBLU 88.9 & WBLV 90.3 (Blue Lake Public Radio) locally-originated 4,037 hours of fine arts programming in the areas of Classical music, Jazz, and Folk/Bluegrass during the 2017 fiscal year (10/1/16-9/30/17).  This amounted to 46% of its total programming for the year being locally-originated.  The station provided fine arts programming to listeners throughout an
18-county region encompassing west and west-central Michigan who would otherwise be underserved (one example being WBLU-WBLV are the only Classical stations in the region).
Blue Lake Public Radio's divisional role with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp (Michigan's largest provider of arts education to children and youth from around the world) also provides the opportunity for 100+ summer camp students to enroll in a Radio Broadcasting class based
at the station during the 12-day camp session they are enrolled in.

During fiscal year 2017, the station conducted live, and pre-recorded, interviews with representatives from Calvin College, Cornerstone University, the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, GRandJazzFest, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Ballet, Grand Rapids Symphony, Grand Valley State University,  Muskegon Museum of Art, Opera Grand Rapids, Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, St. Cecilia Music Center, and the West Michigan Symphony; plus professional musicians & groups, vocalists, and actors.

As the sole fine arts station in the region, Blue Lake Public Radio virtually daily receives
written, and verbal, thank you’s-acknowledgements from the multitude of non-profit fine arts organizations we serve throughout eighteen (18) counties, who would otherwise be underserved.  WBLU 88.9 & WBLV 90.3 is instrumental in helping these arts organizations boost their name awareness, and in many cases, ticket sales for their performance/exhibit events through live or pre-recorded interviews, plus inclusion in no-charge "Arts Calendar,”
and “Jazz Datebook,” announcements each week.    

Blue Lake Public Radio furnishes its WBLU 88.9 sub-carrier at no cost to Sight Seer, which serves the greater Grand Rapids area with a reading service for people who are blind or reading-disabled.

Without Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant funding (17% of the station's operating revenue), maintaining the quality of our fine arts programming would not be possible.  Unlike university-owned stations, Blue Lake Public Radio does not have major funding resources available.  In particular, we could not afford to maintain a staff of locally-based on-air hosts
with deep backgrounds in the Classical, Jazz, and Folk/Bluegrass genres without Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding.