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Blue Lake Management:

Blue Lake Public Radio, consisting of WBLV-FM (licensed to Twin Lake, MI), and WBLU (licensed to Grand Rapids, MI), is a wholly-owned division of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, Michigan.  Founded in 1966, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a summer school of the arts located on a 1,600 acre campus in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, offering fine arts education for all ages. 
Through four two-week summer sessions, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp  serves more than 5,400 gifted elementary, junior high, and high school students from throughout the world with diverse programs in music, voice, art, dance, and drama while offering more than 175 performances during its Summer Arts Festival.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s Board of Trustees meetings occur in October, and are open to the public.  Notification of meeting dates will be posted on the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp website plus via on-air announcements on the station.  Certain meetings, or portions of meetings, may be closed in order to address confidential information, or proprietary matters.

Board of Trustees members:

Dr. Robert Crisp, Winter Garden, FL 
Donald Flickinger, Big Rapids, MI 
Bill McFarlin, Manhattan, KS 
Dr. Dale Nesbary, Muskegon, MI 
Dr. James Niblock, East Lansing, MI 
Tony Porter, Waukegan, IL 
James Rose, Montague, MI 
Chip Sawyer, Whitehall, MI 
Fritz Stansell, Twin Lake, MI 
Gretchen Stansell, Twin Lake, MI 
Heidi Stansell, North Muskegon, MI

Blue Lake Public Radio’s mission is to serve as West Michigan’s Voice of the Arts,providing the region with the highest quality arts/cultural programming available through its Classical, Jazz, and NPR news offerings.  The station’s management team includes:

Dave Myers, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Vice President for Development & Broadcasting 
Paul Boscarino, Blue Lake Public Radio General Manager
Steve Albert, Blue Lake Public Radio Station Manager

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO):

Blue Lake Public Radio’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Public File reports are available at

Blue Lake Public Radio Community Advisory Council

Members of Blue Lake’s Community Advisory Council are appointed by station management, with input from staff members.

Federal regulations require the council to be an advisory body, not authorized to exercise control over Blue Lake Public Radio’s daily management or operations.  Fiduciary responsibility and governance of Blue Lake Public Radio rests with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s Board of Trustees.

Community Advisory Council members will represent the diverse needs, and interests, of Blue lake Public Radio’s listening audience.  Council members volunteer their time.  Each member will serve a two-year term with the possibility, by invitation, of serving a second term.  After one year following the expiration of the second term, a member may be reappointed to the council. 

Blue Lake Public Radio’s Community Advisory Council meets twice per year.  The first meeting of 2017 occurred on January 7th at the radio station.  Council members were provided the opportunity to participate by phone if unable to participate in the meeting on-site.  Meeting minutes are provided below. 

Certain Community Advisory Council meetings, or portions of meetings, may be closed in order to address confidential information, or proprietary matters

Blue Lake Public Radio’s January 7th Community Advisory Council meeting was open to the public.  Per Corporation for Public Broadcasting federal requirements, it was promoted seven (7) days in advance on WBLU 88.9 and WBLV 90.3, plus on the station’s website at    

January 7, 2017 Community Advisory Council Meeting Minutes:

Blue Lake Public Radio – WBLU 88.9 & WBLV 90.3
Community Advisory Council Meeting Agenda
January 7, 2017   10:00 am-1:00 pm

Council members present:

Joanne Athnos, Muskegon, MI
Alan Bedell, Grand Rapids, MI
Jim Delaney, Muskegon, MI
Lourdes Jaramillo, Scottville, MI
Ben VanderWilp, Grand Rapids, MI 

Absent: Robert Bloye, Grand Rapids, MI

Representing Blue Lake:

Dave Myers, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Vice President for Development & Broadcasting 
Paul Boscarino, Blue Lake Public Radio General Manager
Steve Albert, Blue Lake Public Radio Station Manager
Bonnie Lipan, Blue Lake Public Radio Office Manager

The meeting commenced at 10:10 AM due to poor travel conditions.  Paul Boscarino introduced the Blue Lake representatives, followed by each council member, asking them to provide background information about themselves.

Paul reviewed the Community Advisory Council general guidelines, mentioning future meetings will be held during the first half of April and October (second meeting of 2017), prior to each month’s on-air Membership Drive (popularly known as “Funders”).  

Dave Myers gave an overview of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, including distribution of 2017 camp catalogues.

Paul provided a general overview of Blue Lake Public Radio, followed by Steve Albert sharing an overview specific to programming, covering:


Every council member provided positive feedback on the expertise of Blue Lake’s on-air hosts, noting the fact they are on-site/locally-based.  Paul noted the number of locally-based announcers, given how that element has changed dramatically in the radio industry the past fifteen (15) years as a cost-cutting move, is testament to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s on-going support, and belief in, the station.  Alan Bedell inquired about the cost of syndicated/network programming. 

A discussion about the A Prairie Home Companion host change ensued.  The majority of council members expressed less personal interest in listening since Garrison Keillor’s departure.  Paul and Steve noted they are monitoring audience acceptance.

Discussion followed about audience acceptance of Performance Today replacing All Things Considered in December, 2014.  Jim Delaney expressed initial concern about the change, but upon hearing the rationale, supported the decision.  The other council members noted they favored the change, as it provided an additional twelve (12) hours of Classical programming each week. 

Dave presented a Financial Overview.  Alan requested a pie chart showing how income, and expense, is distributed, at the next meeting.

Paul reviewed the logistics of Membership Support, including:


Dave sought input on the manner in which on-air “Funders” were produced.  All council members expressed Blue Lake’s “Funders” were more entertaining than other public radio and TV fundraising programs.  Lourdes Jaramillo noted her enjoyment of Buck Matthews’ wry on-air remarks.  Joann Athnos complimented Steve on his common positioning that, “If you regularly spend money on ‘this,’ consider what Blue Lake’s programming is worth to you.”  Joann also noted Garrison Keillor’s pre-recorded announcements within A Prairie Home Companion were compelling.  

Paul provided an overview of the station’s arts organization partnerships, citing those with the West Michigan Symphony, Grand Rapids Ballet, Opera Grand Rapids, Dogwood Center, St. Cecilia Music Center, Holland Symphony, Lakeshore Museum Center, Grand Rapids Symphony, and the Muskegon Museum of Arts.  He noted arts organization’ natural interest in partnering with Blue Lake Public Radio, West Michigan’s “Voice of the Arts.”

A review of annual station fundraising events at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp was led by Paul entailing the:


Steve suggested free tickets to each event be provided to council members (followed by appreciation, and thanks).  Bonnie Lipan will facilitate this.

Paul provided an overview of two forms of the station’s marketing efforts:


Open discussion, Q&A’s, and suggestions:

Steve raised the subject of offering lesser-priced premiums to spur additional contributions, and potentially involve younger donors.  Ben VanderWilp suggested the purchase of less expensive song downloads to provide lower cost premium options.

Given the increasing length, and poor winter driving conditions, Paul suggested consideration be given to adjourning the meeting.  Steve’s follow-up covering the remaining agenda items was a request that council members e-mail himself, Paul, Dave, and Bonnie Lipan their ideas on:


Discussion wrapped up on an October meeting date with most members indicating they were available for a weekday gathering.  Paul said he would contact Robert Bloye to check on his schedule, with follow-up communication to council members toward finalizing the date.   

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30

After the meeting council members recorded “Why Blue Lake Public Radio is important to me” announcements, encouraging listeners to also become members if they aren’t already.

Note: Other Blue Lake Public Radio staff members not required, nor in attendance, at the meeting, include:

Bonnie Bierma, On-Air Host
Norm Kittleson, On-Air Host
Foley Schuler, On-Air Host
Lazaro Vega, On-Air Host
Don Hoogeboom, Chief Engineer

Audited Financial Statement

BLPR FY 2015 Financial Audit Report