Staff Health Care Positions

Overview of Staff Health Care Positions
Blue Lake’s Health Services consists of a team of 20, including the Health Lodge Directors, Camp Nurses, and 15 certified Health Assistants.  The Health Staff is supervised by the Director of Health Services, and work with other staff to provide medical care to a camp population of over 6,000 youth, college-aged staff, and university/secondary teachers and their families. 

The Health Staff are specifically responsible for maintaining and operating all aspects of the Health Lodge.  Shift duties rotate equally through the health staff to supply consistent 24-hour care. In addition to giving basic first aid, supporting campers with special needs, transporting campers for off-camp medical care, and assisting campers with the management of their medication, the staff will share cleaning, laundry, inventory, and other duties as assigned.  Health Staff can expect a demanding but rewarding work opportunity that will provide invaluable experience for those continuing their education in medical fields.

For those who are interested, Health Staff members may also have the opportunity to broaden their artistic appreciation by participating in one staff musical ensemble, requesting private lesson instruction from faculty, and attending Blue Lake evening concerts (please see enclosed or inquire for more information). 

Health Positions Available
Room and board is included with all positions. Salary is based upon the position and applicant experience. Please inquire directly with the Personnel Department at 800-221-3796 for more details on these positions or the application procedure. Camp health care providers must have a minimum certification of American Red Cross First Aid and Safety (incl. CPR), or American Heart Association equivalent, and a valid US driver’s license. Health Staff will also receive more extensive detailed training on providing health care, documentation, camp communication, addressing emergency situations, team building, and developing creative thinking and problem solving skills. 

Health Lodge Co-Directors (2 Positions Available):  Work together with the Director of Health Services and each other to train and supervise health staff, maintain work schedule, communicate with camper parents, monitor medical supplies, support camper needs, serve on the summer camp leadership team, and serve as the primary Camp Health Officer.  Experience at Blue Lake and minimum certification of American Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder required.  Previous experience with Blue Lake Leadership and/or experience in the Health Lodge preferred.

Health Assistants (15 Positions Available):  Work with the Health Lodge Directors and Camp Nurses to provide a variety of health care services including basic first aid, medication management/distribution, transportation of campers off camp for evaluation when necessary, and emergency medical care.  Team members receive practical hands-on experience with short-term patient care and assessment, documentation, triage, and basic diagnostics.  Minimum certification required:  American Red Cross Standard First Aid and CPR, or American Heart Association equivalent, and valid U.S. driver’s license. 

Camp Nurses (8 2-Week Positions Available):  Work with the Director of Health Services and Health Lodge Directors to provide a variety of health care services including basic first aid, medication management, and evaluation and referral of campers for off-camp medical care.  Nurses serve office hours daily and remain on-call (w/ cell phone) for emergencies.  Commuter and residential positions available.  Minimum Certification: Valid Registered Nurse license and current BLS certification (or equivalent). 

Camp Medical Provider (Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant; 4 2-Week Positions Available): Provide limited daily office hours and 24/7 on-call support throughout the 12-day camp session.  Evaluate campers and staff, supervise medical procedures, and prescribe medication and treatments. Work with the Director of Health Services to provide support and guidance for the Camp Nurses, Health Lodge Directors, and Health Assistants.  Commuter and residential positions available.  Must be licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner in the State of Michigan (or able to obtain).  Preference given to specialty in pediatric, family, or emergency medicine.