General Information for Health Staff

Overview of Staff Health Care Positions
Blue Lake’s Health Services consists of Health Lodge Directors, Camp Nurses, and certified Health Assistants.  The Health Staff is supervised by the Director of Health Services, and works with other staff to provide medical care to a camp population of thousands youth, college-aged staff, and university/secondary teachers and their families. 

The Health Staff are specifically responsible for maintaining and operating all aspects of the Health Lodge.  Shift duties rotate equally through the health staff to supply consistent 24-hour care. Daily responsibilities include providing basic first aid, supporting campers with special needs, transporting campers for off-camp medical care, distributing camper medication, performing symptom screenings and temperature checks. Health staff will also assist with screenings and temperature checks during check-in times for camper and other participant groups.  The staff will also share cleaning, laundry, inventory, and other duties as assigned.  Health Staff can expect a demanding but rewarding work opportunity that will provide invaluable experience for those continuing their education in medical fields.

2022 Salary and Work Dates for Health Assistants:

Applicants must be available for the full work season listed below. Extended work dates for some positions are available to cover pre- and post-camp duties.  Please inquire on application.

Health Staff:       Coming soon.  This includes 9 days of paid orientation. 

Room and board is included with all positions. Salary ranges from $1,825 - $2,750 and is based on years of college study and/or degree(s) earned, as well as level of certification and experience.

2022 Salary and Work Dates for Camp Nurses:

Salary for Camp Nurses starts at $1000 per session and all employees are eligible to receive scholarship aid toward the camp tuition of family members and are provided faculty housing and meals during their stay.  Commuter positions are also available for RNs who live locally.  Must provide current RN and BLS certification.  Camp and/or pediatric experience preferred, but not required. 

Camp Nurses:   

Session I              June 21 - July 3
Session II             July 5 - July 17
Session III            July 19 - July 31
Session IV           August 2 - August 14

Employee Background Checks

All employees of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp are required to complete two background checks during the employment process: a criminal records clearance (run by Blue Lake), and a central registry clearance (requested by applicant through home state). Any fees associated with the central registry clearance are the responsibility of the applicant.


Proof of Certification

Those applying for jobs which require proof of certification (Recreation Director, Camp Nurse, etc.) must have a photocopy of the certificate on file with the personnel department before an applicant will be considered for the position.  The date of expiration must be visible.