General Information for Counseling Staff

Blue Lake Counseling Staff members serve as role models for campers and provide a warm, caring environment that nurtures self-respect, supports healthy interpersonal relationships, and fosters growth in the arts.  Counseling staff members reside with students and remain in residence for the entire season, including at least 9 days of orientation and training.  Blue Lake’s counseling staff is typically made up of undergraduate and graduate students involved in education or arts-related fields.  

Applicants for counseling positions must meet the following criteria:  1) at least 18 years of age, 2) at least one year of college after completing high school, 3) interest and aptitude in working with young people. Prospective Unit Directors must have previous camp counseling experience.  

2022 Work Dates:
Applicants must be available for the full work season listed below. Extended work dates for some positions are available to cover pre- and post-camp duties.  Please inquire on application.

Counselors: June 13 - August 14.  This includes 9 days of paid orientation. 
Unit Directors: June 7 - August 14.  This includes 15 days of paid orientation. 

Salary for Blue Lake Counseling Staff: 
$1,625 - $2,550 plus room and board. Salary is based on years of college study and/or degree(s) earned.

Employee Background Checks

All employees of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp are required to complete two background checks during the employment process: a criminal records clearance (run by Blue Lake), and a central registry clearance (requested by applicant through home state). Any fees associated with the central registry clearance are the responsibility of the applicant.

Proof of Certification

Those applying for jobs which require proof of certification (Recreation Director, Camp Nurse, etc.) must have a photocopy of the certificate on file with the personnel department before an applicant will be considered for the position.  The date of expiration must be visible.