Founded by Gretchen Stansell in 1969, the International Exchange Program is dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through the universal language of the arts. Since its inception, nearly 30,000 young European, Asian, and American artists have exchanged performances and experienced the love, wonder, and excitement of living with host families in a foreign land. More than 110,000 families in Europe and America have provided generous hospitality for the participants. Countless concert-goers on both continents have also been touched by these goodwill ambassadors.

Blue Lake sends seven student groups on performance tours in Europe annually: a symphony orchestra, two symphonic bands, two jazz bands, a choir, and a ballet ensemble.  In addition, an Community Band travels every other year.

Members of these groups are primarily selected from Blue Lake’s summer campers. The following summer, after intensive preparation at camp, members enjoy their tours in Europe. While on tour, Blue Lake’s International performing ensembles present a concert in each community they visit and stay in private homes with host families.

Join Us! Here’s How! Blue Lake campers will have an opportunity to apply while in residence at Blue Lake. Students will be selected on the basis of application, citizenship, and musical ability as well as counselor and faculty evaluation. Those interested who have not previously attended Blue Lake should contact the Blue Lake International Office.

For more information on how you can participate in Blue Lake’s cultural exchange, please contact:

Blue Lake International Exchange Program
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
300 East Crystal Lake Rd.
Twin Lake, MI 49457