Life Changing Experience

Culture, Customs, Language
From the moment students arrive overseas, they are immersed in the many cultures of Europe.  Our students exchange customs, languages, cultural similarities and differences with their host families every day of the tour.  The time spent with their hosts is the purest way to experience the rich heritage of Europe.

Concerts, Friendships, Memories
As a member of BLIEP, students maintain a tour schedule resembling that of a professional ensemble.  They are provided with a unique opportunity to perform the same program repeatedly in a variety of venues.  This intense rehearsal and performance schedule allows for a level of achievement far beyond most peer student groups.  From spending so much time together and experiencing new situations as a group, participants can expect to have lifelong friendships and memories from their tour.  

History, Travel, Opportunity
While on tour with Blue Lake International, students see some of the greatest art works and historical structures of Western Civilization.  Also, in many cases, they will be visiting the exact location of some of the greatest and most significant events in history.  Europeans take great pride in their cultural, social, and political heritage.  Participants will have the opportunity to see many of these amazing things first-hand.