International Program Overview

International Program Goals
The Blue Lake International Exchange Program seeks to cultivate
international understanding among our youth. It is our goal to help broaden
a student’s scope of the global community by demonstrating that we are
more alike than not. With the expectation of fostering new friendships
through common ground, we aim to create future leaders in all aspects of
our society who can help promote peace through a broader appreciation of
the world. On an individual level, the International Exchange Program offers
students an opportunity to grow in maturity through international travel.
Participants often enjoy many new experiences while traveling internationally,
and each one creates a deeper appreciation for one’s sense of individuality,
self-confidence, and independence.

Opportunities for Exchange
The Blue Lake International Exchange Program annually visits approximately
thirty communities in many countries across Europe. In return for their
generous hospitality, each European hosting community receives several
scholarships to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to share with their young artists.
The following year, our participants’ families have the opportunity to serve
as host families for these special European campers when they visit the
U.S. to attend camp. In addition, European arts organizations which have
hosted Blue Lake are invited to tour Michigan and the Midwest with a
performance itinerary arranged through the Blue Lake International office.
In many instances, these visiting European groups travel and perform in
communities where our own Blue Lake participants reside and who often
help host. The opportunities for lifelong friendships abound through this
unique exchange program.


Photo courtesy of Carina Yee, winner of the 2017 International Program Photo Contest. Andrea was a member of the 2017 International Youth Symphony Orchestra.