Host a Blue Lake International Group

European Groups on Tour

Does your Community or School

. . . have an active music program (which may include a choir, jazz band, orchestra, ballet, band or theatre) and enjoy beautiful music and the fine arts?

. . . place considerable value and importance on cultural exchange?

. . . have access to a performance facility (auditorium, concert hall, studio, church, outdoor pavilion, etc.) that could accommodate a performing group?

. . . have citizens of all ages interested in making friends with youth or adult Europeans?

If your answer to any of the above is “YES”, then perhaps you and your community might be interested in becoming involved with Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program! 

Each year Blue Lake hosts 6-20 performing groups from communities in Europe that have host Blue Lake groups.  Hosting communities in Michigan and the mid-west are needed to participate in this hosting experience.

If you are interested in hosting a European Touring Group, please complete the application form: Application to host a European Group

For information about hosting a European Touring Group, please contact the International Office at 1-800-221-3796 or email: