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Life Changing Experience

Culture, Customs, Language
From the moment Blue Lake International participants arrive overseas, they are
immersed in European life. Our students experience the rich heritage of each
country and region by learning languages, customs, history, and cultural
similarities and differences with their host families throughout the tour. Students
have many opportunities to enjoy every day experiences with their host families,
such as shopping, trying new cuisine, and enjoying routine activities.

First Hand Learning
Students also have the opportunity to experience unique aspects of European
cultural and historical heritage through first-hand learning. Seeing the sights with
their host families, whether visiting historical monuments, artistic or cultural
treasures, or participating in a local festival, offers our participants the chance
to learn directly from “the locals,” who welcome the opportunity to share their
history with their Blue Lake guests. These experiences often create lasting
impressions on our students, much more than a text book could offer.

Performances, Friendships, Achievement
International participants maintain an intense tour schedule resembling that of
a professional ensemble. They rehearse and perform a well-planned program
repeatedly in a variety of venues, allowing for a level of artistic achievement far
beyond similar peer student groups. Group travel fosters lifelong friendships and
memories of their tour. Upon their return, students often feel a remarkable sense
of achievement as they realize their experience can help to broaden opportunities
for future endeavors, whether college admissions, a career pathway, or additional
travel or exchange.