Host a European Visiting Guest Group

Many European communities who have hosted Blue Lake International student ensembles in the past choose to send their own ensembles to the United States to participate in a two-week tour arranged by the Blue Lake International Exchange Program. Blue Lake is always seeking enthusiastic volunteers, past participants, community leaders, and eager arts and cultural enthusiasts who are interested in helping to host a visiting European group in their hometown or community. Ensembles travel by motor coach, stay for 2-3 days with host families, and provide a free public performance in exchange for the local hospitality. If your community, school, church, or organization places value and importance on cultural exchange and international understanding, consider this a perfect opportunity to help make the world a little smaller while providing your community with a free and fun performance. Our next European guest groups will visit the United States in the summer of 2023. Contact the International Office at to learn how to get involved.

Pamina Girls Choir

Inspired by the heroine of Mozart’s Magic Flute, the Pamina Girls Choir performs in the German-French region of Eurodistrict Regio Pamina (Palatinate, Baden, and Alsace). The group is a member of the Deutschen Chorverband and the world’s two largest choral organizations: International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) and European Choral Association-Europa Cantat (ECA). Pamina Girls Choir maintains a strong relationship with the Blue Lake International Exchange Program and will be touring in the United States for the fourth time in the last ten years.

City: Karlsruhe, Germany
Directors: Klaus Braun
Ages: 12 - 19 plus adults
Group Type: Choir<
Number of Participants:32
Host Dates: June 16 - 20, June 20 - 24, June 24 - 28


Tookula Choir

Based in Minden, Germany, the Tookula Choir program teaches children techniques for successful singing, performance, and touring. In addition to exploring various genres of choir music, the ensemble has been able to venture into the realm of cultural exchange through musical performances by touring annually and performing for audiences across the world. Tookula has also hosted many Blue Lake touring ensembles in the past and are looking forward to returning to the United States.

City: Minden, Germany
Director: Frauke Seele-Brandt
Ages: 14 – 20 plus adults
Type of group: Choir
Number of Participants: 70
Host Dates: June 30 - July 3, July 3 - 6, July 6 - 9, July 11 - 15



Founded in 1971 by Isolde Bamme in Quedlinburg, Germany, Tanzensemble is a youth dance ensemble that aims to teach and explore many different genres of dance ranging from classical to modern. The ensemble is led by Ms. Corina Ehrig, who completed her studies in New York and has taught at the Palucca School in Dresden and Leipzig region. Ms. Ehrig has generously hosted Blue Lake touring ensembles in the past, and this will be their second tour since 2016.

City: Quedlinburg, Germany
Director: Corina Ehrig
Ages: 13 - 65
Type of group: Dance Ensemble
Number of Participants: 30
Host Dates: July 21 - 24, July 24 - 27, July 27 - 31