Camp Counselors
(162 positions available, room & board included)

2017 Counseling Dates: June 18 - August 20

Central Camp Counselors serve as role models for campers by demonstrating respect and discipline, and by living by the established camp policies.  Duties include: live with 10 - 11 campers, eat with your assigned cabin, supervise clean-up details, plan recreational and social activities, launder the campers' uniform clothes every other day, work 15 - 20 hours a week at a specific work assignment (including performing and artistic assignments), and consistently evaluate and act on all campers' special needs, problems, and concerns.  Camp Counselors are role models, leaders, supervisors, problem solvers, motivators, friends, and guardians for Blue Lake campers.

Central Camp Counselors/Lifeguards have the same responsibilities as central camp counselors, except that their work assignment is that of a Lifeguard.  These counselors also have opportunities to perform with various camp music ensembles or complete other job assignments.  Blue Lake will certify candidates with Red Cross certifications prior to staff orientation.  Candidates for Lifeguard positions must be physically fit, competent swimmers, and available to arrive at camp by JUNE 11 for American Red Cross Life Guard training.                           
Junior Camp (Camp Bernstein) Counselors have the same responsibilities as Central Camp staff.  Work assignments may include teaching sectional and/or technique classes for the Camp Bernstein students.  For those interested in these limited sectional/technique teaching positions, a recorded audition is required and teaching experience is preferred.  Some counselors may also teach elective classes of art, choir, theater, jazz studies, or history of music, or nature studies.  For those interested in these limited elective teaching positions, a resume is required and teaching experience is preferred.

Unit Counselors have the same responsibilities as central camp cabin counselors, except that they are not assigned a specific group of campers.  Instead, unit counselors work with a team of other staff members to provide support and supervision to the larger camper group and living area, as well as fill in for cabin counselors who are ill or are called away from camp on emergencies.

2017 Counseling Dates
June 18 - August 20

Extended work dates for some positions are available.
Please inquire on application.