News from Blue Lake: COVID-19 Update, May 2021

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is enthusiastically welcoming students in June of 2021, and our administrative team is working daily to prepare for our upcoming season. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve and news of treatments and vaccine availability turn positive, we are certain that the need for the arts, for in-person learning, for camp and all the experiences it brings, has never been greater.

While it is our goal that Blue Lake’s summer programs operate as normally as possible, we fully recognize that COVID-19 mitigation will require that significant health and safety measures are in place for our community. Our administrative team continues to track national and state guidelines, consult with medical professionals, and refine plans and protocols with the latest recommendations. The safety, health, and well-being of members of our camp community remains our top priority and will always drive our decisions.

You can find more information regarding Blue Lake’s plans, along with helpful resources, at the links below. Please feel free to contact us at 800-221-3796, and we look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!


Heidi Stansell
Interim President
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp