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Classics in the Classroom

Classics in the Classroom is back. After a brief hiatus, the program will return to our airwaves beginning on Tuesday, January 6, 2009. The program will air on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:05 Eastern time, immediately after Garrison Keillor's Writers' Almanac.

Click here for a complete schedule of programs. And listen on line by clicking here.

For more than forty years Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp has been educating talented young people from all walks of life in music, art, dance, and theater. We have worked closely with music and arts educators to develop programs to help students grow artistically. We are, therefore, very pleased to offer, through Blue Lake Public Radio, Classics in the Classroom, a program that will help second through fifth grade teachers integrate classical music education into their regular classroom activities through scheduled broadcasts of basic repertoire. The program is designed to complement already existing music programs and encourage development of other arts initiatives. 

Even as music education programs have been disappearing from early elementary school curricula, their value has become increasingly obvious. Not only do such programs provide cultural, aesthetic and technical knowledge of the music itself, but they are also thought to contribute importantly to development by improving intellectual, motor, and social abilities and skills outside the realm of music, and by contributing to students' success in their "regular" courses of study. Research indicates that musical training, even just listening to music, stimulates improvement in the "spatial reasoning skills" crucial to such functions as complex mathematics and science. Other studies indicate that very basic musical training, involving listening and recognizing musical ideas, enhances children's reading abilities. 

As our interviews with Kent and Muskegon County teachers indicate, many teachers favor the IDEA of integrating music education into regular classroom activities, but have no way of actually doing it. Blue Lake Public Radio's Classics in the Classroom program enables teachers to confidently present classical music to their classes. And since students can work on assignments or participate in other activities while listening to the music, teachers can introduce this music education program without making major changes in their schedules. 

Blue Lake Public Radio broadcasts selected classical music recordings at predetermined times during the week. Teachers are invited to listen with their classes at those times.

A Broadcast Schedule is available here and more information about the program is available by calling 231-894-5656.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
300 E. Crystal Lake Rd. Twin Lake MI 49457