One-Day Sessions

2022 One-Day Sessions

Check in is at 8:00am, followed by classes, breakouts, activities, and social time through the afternoon. Lunch and dinner at Kresge Lodge are included. The session ends at 5:00pm, followed by dinner together. Participants may choose to stay for the camp’s Stewart Shell performance of the evening.

Hand Drumming

July 18, 2022

Mark Lopez, Instructor

This lifelong, mood boosting drumming is offered to teach the use of beautiful hand drums.  Hand drumming relieves stress, promotes self-expression, is therapeutic, and allows you to be present in the moment as you enjoy learning how to speak ‘drumming’. Learn a hybrid of cultural music, with an emphasis on West African rhythms. Drums will be provided. If you have drums, feel free to bring yours along: Bongos, Congas, Djembe, Bodhran, Tambourine, Frame drum, Cajon, Drum Box.

Drum Set 101

July 19, 2022

Mark Lopez, Instructor

This clinic is for musicians that want to have some knowledge in basic drum-set playing. If your band director wants to play pieces with a drum set and can’t because no one has that skill, this camp is for you! Independent coordination exercises, drum set notation, and basic groove essentials will be presented. Get started with a proper understanding of a basic drum set, how to play each drum and cymbal, high-hat, and bass drum. Recommended for percussionists and band members with rhythmic skills who play in the percussion section periodically. Participants must bring a set of drum sticks and drum pad, and drum sets are provided (or you may bring your own).

Irish Tin Whistling

July 28, 2022

Larry Halverson, Instructor

This clinic provides an opportunity for any adult musician to learn how to play the Irish tin whistle. Learn from a professional Irish tin whistle player from the band, “Uneven Ground,” the basics of this beautiful and ancient instrument. If you’ve always wanted to play along at the Irish Festivals, this is your chance to play for your own enjoyment. Participants must bring an Irish tin whistle in the key of D.

Irish Fiddling

July 28, 2022

Keala Venema, Instructor

This workshop is for any string player with their own instrument. It is an opportunity to learn how to play in the style of the Irish music culture. Learn from a professionally trained Irish fiddle teacher. Jigs, slip-jigs, reels, hornpipes, and polkas will be presented and explored. Learn different bowing techniques and articulations to achieve the sound and style. Written music will be provided, as well as some learning by rote. Great fun can be had when you have this trick in your bag of the rollicking Irish fiddlers.