Campus & Facilities


Blue Lake is located north of Muskegon, Michigan, near the Manistee National Forest and on the shore of Little Blue Lake. The campus is situated in the middle of 1,600 acres of preserved forest containing large white and red pine, oak, and maple trees. The home of the Summer Camp for Adults is Camp Niblock.

Instructional Facilities

Facilities consist of a spacious, air conditioned main rehearsal hall, along with several smaller structures and shelters located nearby. Camp Niblock offers a number of camp sites for tents and RVs, and is a short walk through the woods to Faculty Village and Kresge Lodge for meals.

Antique Musical Instrument Museum

The Museum introduces campers to the developmental history of wind, string, and percussion instruments, as well as examples of instruments from around the world. The Museum houses more than 400 items and includes representatives of all the standard band and orchestral families, as well as a large collection of folk and ethnic instruments, and an exhibit room featuring a wide range of keyboard instruments.