A Few Frequently Asked Questions…

Does my child need to audition to be accepted to camp?
No. A student may choose to audition prior to camp in order to be considered for a scholarship. However, no audition is required to enroll. Students are evaluated on the first day of camp for ensemble placements.

How will I know if my child has been accepted to camp?
You will receive a letter indicating your registration information and balance due shortly after Blue Lake receives your application and deposit. If you do not receive a written confirmation within two weeks of mailing your materials, call Admissions at 800-221- 3796.

May I call to reserve my child a spot in camp?
You cannot reserve a spot in camp over the phone. There are two ways to register for camp: you can mail the application with the deposit, or Applications may also be scanned and emailed as a PDF to admissions@bluelake.org, but will not be considered until a credit card deposit of $200 has been received by phone. Do not email your credit card information. Instead, contact 800-221-3796. Do not fax your application.

What is the difference between Camp Bernstein and Central Camp?
Camp Bernstein is reserved for younger Band and Orchestra students (grades 5 – 8). Typically, these students are relatively inexperienced with their instruments, new to a camp environment, and are looking for a non-competitive learning experience to help build their confidence. Camp Bernstein offers a schedule tailored for younger, less experienced musicians while the Central Camp schedule offers a higher degree of intensity designed to motivate and challenge even the most advanced students. Camp Bernstein counselors – typically young music teachers or graduate students -- are actively involved in the instruction of their campers as well as cabin supervision. Central Camp students receive instruction from our faculty, who are separate from the counseling staff. All campers, regardless of program, have a well rounded daily schedule that consists of approximately 6 hours of instruction, plus time for recreation, rest, practice, free time, and evening events, performances, and activities.

Do campers have to sign up for a minor class?
Minors play an important role in the camp experience by providing students an outlet for creativity with a different arts focus. Minors for Camp Bernstein students are required. Minors for Central Camp students are optional. However, the majority of Central Camp students enroll in a minor, which allows them to complete their instructional day with an alternative structured activity. Students who are not enrolled in a minor use that time for rest or practice. All students, regardless of schedule, have daily free time in the late afternoon.

The session or program we wanted was not available. How does the waiting list work?
When one of our programs fills, we begin a waiting list for that program area. Students on waiting lists may be admitted to camp at a later date when an opening occurs, but other factors such as gender and age are also considered due to housing limitations. To be placed on the waiting list, you must submit an application and deposit. If we are unable to accommodate your student, we will return your full deposit. You may request to be removed from the waiting list at any time.

My child is enrolled. What next?
Your enrollment confirmation letter will provide information on BlueLake ACCESS, the camp’s online gateway for information and resources for Blue Lake families. There you’ll find helpful information on how to prepare for camp, what to bring, important forms, and all kinds of other useful information.

My child wants to come to camp with a friend, can they be in the same cabin?
Cabin mate requests will only be considered if the two applications are submitted together. Go to “Cabin Mates” in the registration section.