Short Term Teacher Training Courses

Piano Bk 4: June 10-14 Marilyn Andersen, teacher, IL
Piano Practicum: June 14-18 Marilyn Andersen, teacher, IL
Guitar Bk 1: June 10-18 Mary Lou Roberts, teacher, MI
Violin Bk 1: June 14-22 Wendy Azrak, teacher, MI
Violin Bk 2: June 14-18 Rebecca Sandrok, teacher, IL
Violin Bk 3: June 18-22 Rebecca Sandrok, teacher, IL

Applicants must take ECC, Book 1 and Book 2 in order. Applicants must be current members of SAA.

To qualify as a participant in Book 1 teacher training, applicants must, in addi-tion to completing the ECC course, submit a video audition of specified reper-toire to the SAA prior to May 10th. All information regarding the audition is available at the SAA Website:

Piano Practicum course may be taken anytime after a teacher has completed ECC and Book One, and has taught Suzuki piano for at least one year. Topics to be explored will include communication skills, strategies, diagnostics, and ob-servation in a nurturing and supportive environment.

For complete information, go to the SAA website at The downloadable video audition application form (with instructions) is available there; or call the SAA toll free (888)378-9854 for this form.

Workshop participants should prepare the repertoire to be studied at a per-formance level. Memorization is not required but recommended. Participants should be conversant with the ideas presented in Dr. Suzuki’s book, Nurtured by Love.

100% attendance is required for registering the course with SAA.

A John Kendall Scholarship is available for one Violin Teacher Trainee from Michigan. For requirements and application, please contact Pat Smith, Registrar.

2014 Dates

SESSION 1 June 11 - 14 Piano Only

SESSION 2 June 15 - 18
                    Piano, Strings, Guitar

SESSION 3 June 19 - 22 Strings Only

Teacher Training Courses
Piano Book 4: June 10-14
Piano Practicum: June 14-18
Guitar Book 1: June 10-18
Violin Book 1: June 14-22
Violin Book 2: June 14-18
Violin Book 3: June 18-22