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The classical music world mourns the loss of recorder and flute player, conductor and key figure in Holland’s early music scene, Franz Bruggen, who passed away recently at his home in Amsterdam at the age of 79. Here is a remembrance of this pioneer of the period instrument movement from The Guardian.

An absolutely extraordinary and inspiring story: Concert Violinist Plays his Instrument During Brain Surgery to Help Doctors Locate the Exact Spot They Needed to Work on to stop his Career-Ending Tremor.

The history of the English language in 11 minutes—some clever, brilliant, informative fun here: History of the English Language, Animated.

For nearly a decade, amateur photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu has spent his summer evenings in the forests outside Niimi, in Japan’s Okayama prefecture, capturing the spectacle of firefly mating season. Read more about the project and see some of the spectacular results here

The New Yorker is currently offering some of its classical music profiles for free online reading  (including one on pianist Helene Grimaud, who will perform a recital in Kalamazoo on September 19 as part of the Gilmore Piano Masters Series). Read them while you can!

As the first African-American female to hold the rank of Soloist at American Ballet Theater in 20 years, Misty Copeland has had an improbable rise. In her new memoir “Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina,” Copeland recounts that journey from poverty to the spotlight of one of America’s top ballet companies. Here is more on this inspiring story from PBS New Hour: Grit and Limbs Propelled Misty Copeland’s Improbable Rise Through Ballet’s Ranks.

Tony Schwartz was a brilliant creator of television and radio advertisements, a radio host and producer, a media consultant, an author and a sound designer. With his microphone he captured the sounds of. Before his death in 2008, the Library of Congress acquired his vast collection of recordings. Read the story here and follow the link within access and listen to the Tony Schwartz Collection.


“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot
into the sun.” —Pablo Picasso

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