Winter 2009
Marie (Yura) Fluent,(L) DDS Dentist
Ann Arbor, MI
Blue Lake Affiliation:
Camper: 1974 - 77, '79
IYSO: 1978
Staff: 1981 - 1983
Diane (Yura) Howlin,(R) MD,FACP Internal Medicine
Chelsea, MI
Blue Lake Affiliation:
Camper: 1972 - 1973
IYSO: 1974 -1976
Violin, Dance

If you are a parent of young children, you have probably often wondered which of your interests they might eventually share. Perhaps they will develop their own interests and activities that have little to do with yours or each other’s. As the children get older, parents begin to see exactly how much of themselves they recognize in their offspring, as well as seeing the ways in which they have carved out niches for themselves.

Two sisters with strong ties to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Drs. Diane Yura Howlin and Marie Yura Fluent, have shared similar interests as both children and adults. Both are string players who found their family’s values to be very influential in their formative years, pursued medical careers, and have spouses in mental health professions. Their world views were strongly shaped by participation in Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program. They in turn have passed on their enthusiasm for Blue Lake to their children.

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Blue Lake announces opportunities for planned giving

With its new Planned Giving Program, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp now can offer its supporters a wider variety of options for their charitable giving. While all donations assist Blue Lake in fulfilling its mission, these options also provide significant additional tax advantages for the donor as well as, in some cases, providing regular income in the form of an annuity. In order to make these new charitable options possible, Blue Lake has partnered with Smith Barney, the investment firm that manages our endowed funds. As with all estate planning, consideration of these types of gifts should be made in consultation with your family and tax advisors to determine which option is best suited to your financial situation.

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Blue Lake's Adult Band tours Europe
during the Summer 2009

Each year, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s International Exchange Program sends six performing groups on extended tours in Europe. Five groups—the International Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Northern and Southern Winds, the Jazz Ensemble, and Choir—make the annual trip. Two groups—the Ballet Ensemble and the Adult Band alternate years.

During the Summer 2009, the Adult Band, under the direction of long-time Blue Lake faculty member and Adult Program Director Donald Flickinger, will make its ninth tour of Europe. The 40-member ensemble will make a total of six stops in Germany, France, and Belgium. The group will carry out the International Exchange Program’s dedication to the promotion of international understanding, friendship, and goodwill through cultural exchange and the universal language of music.

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Blue Lake Public Radio's Lazaro Vega celebrates
25 years on the air
Lazaro Vega

On a chilly day in early March 2008, Lesley VanLeeuwen Vega, wife of Blue Lake Public Radio Jazz Director Lazaro Vega, pulled a fast one on her husband. While he put that evening’s jazz show together in the station’s basement studio, Lesley brought in their two energetic daughters and enough Chinese food and cake for a small army. At the same time, Blue Lake’s radio and camp staff and assorted family friends gathered in the station’s library.

“I heard all the tramping around upstairs,” says Lazaro, “but I had no idea what was going on.”

It was a celebration, a big one, and it occurred almost exactly 25 years to the day after Vega joined the station as a jazz announcer. He is the longest-tenured member of the Blue Lake Public Radio staff and, since Blue Lake Public Radio began operations in 1982, the only current staff member who can recall the station’s earliest days.

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Blue Lake continues annual programs for
adults and families in 2009

Offerings include Suzuki Family Camp, Chamber Music for Fun, Adult Arts Programs, and the Stewart Piano Workshop

Each summer, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp welcomes more than 5,000 talented young people to its four principal camp sessions. The International Exchange Program sends 350 performers in 6 groups on extended tours of Europe. However, Blue Lake also sponsors several unique and exciting annual programs for adults and families. It’s not too early to start planning for a fun summer of music and art at Blue Lake in 2009!

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Blue Lake Teams with Ebay to Raise Funds

Blue Lake is now working with eBay’s Giving Works program to generate financial support for the summer camp scholarships and Blue Lake Public Radio. Giving Works allows Blue Lake supporters to list items for sale on eBay and donate 10 – 100% of the final price to Blue Lake. For instructions on registering an item for sale on eBay and benefiting Blue Lake, log on to

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In other Blue Lake news. . . .

Check out the new look of Blue Lake’s website! Launched in November 2008, the updated site includes information on all of Blue Lake’s summer camp programs for 2009, as well as separate pages for our renowned International Exchange Program and Blue Lake Public Radio.

Other features of the site include application and scholarship forms for campers, information and application forms for faculty and staff positions, dedicated pages for Blue Lake’s alumni, links to back issues of Upbeat (Blue Lake’s quarterly newsletter), and local accommodation and restaurant information for visitors.

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