Blue Lake Days

Campers begin their day at approximately 6:45am by getting up and ready for breakfast. Mornings are filled with classes and rehearsals. After lunch, students participate in a Minor course of their choice, or have individual practice or rest time. Afternoon classes and rehearsals end at 3:50pm, leaving plenty of time for recreation, rest, and time with friends. After dinner, evening activities conclude each day with arts performances or camp fun. Unit Directors call lights out with Taps.

Cool Summer Nights
Dances, all-camp sings, talent shows, theater, carnivals, concerts, recitals, opera, ballet, master classes, pizza parties, unit activities, camp fires... Students experience a wide range of exciting activities while at Blue Lake.

During free time in the afternoon, students are encouraged to participate in recreational activities with other campers and staff, such as basketball, beach volleyball, swimming, soccer, kickball, frisbee golf, water polo, or touch football. Recreational activities are supervised by staff members, who often can’t help but join in the fun!

Time To Relax
On the middle Sunday of each Blue Lake session, students have the opportunity to sleep in, relax, and take advantage of a little morning free time. Blue Lake offers a non-denominational chapel service for those students wishing to attend. Morning instruction on this day includes specific department programs unique to the student’s chosen major, often consisting of interactive master classes, special topics, and casual faculty/staff recitals. Staff members offer a variety of structured recreation events prior to Sunday dinner and the scheduled evening activity.